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The Mention

Gary knew, Facebook held 'secrets'. One might find their spouse having affairs, or, more palatable, learn a few things about her or her plans to have affairs.

He knew his wife had a Facebook page because she'd mentioned it to his sister. He had pretended he hadn't heard.

That she'd never told him she had a page annoyed, for after all, wives are supposed to share everything with their husbands...okay...not everything but having a Facebook page and being one of her friends...?

It bothered him but he didn't say anything as he wandered around the Mall with his sister and wife. They went to dinner. Then home.

He didn't get a chance to check Facebook that day/night.

But it was in the front of his mind like a throbbing pain.


The next day, when his wife was out and he had those precious private moments, he got onto Facebook and did a search of Ellen Powell.

And didn't find her.

He waded through dozens of Ellen Powells, hundreds of Ellen Powells, but she was not among them.

He then did what he ought have done at the start; he went to his sister's page; looking for her friends.

And there, big as life was Ellen Wilson.
Not Ellen Wilson-Powell.

Gary clicked on Ellen Wilson.

There were lots of photos. Her best photos, some taken a few years ago, some recent.
She already had over a dozen friends.

And not a single mention she was married.

Most of the friends were women, old neighbours, relatives, people he knew, some he'd only heard of, and a few he didn't.

Some of the friends were men, but after examination, most of them seemed to be in the same category as the women, old school friends, neighbours, coworker; people he knew or know of.
And as with the women, there were a few names he didn't recognise.

Gary returned to his sister's page to see if there was any pattern or overlap.
What struck him was that his sister admitted being married.
Ellen didn't.

And amid all the photos Ellen had posted, there was not one of him.

Any man logging on would see a not unattractive woman in a mini skirt, or a bathing suit, or a fancy dress.

A woman who seemed to be single.

A man, any man, might post to Ellen, but then it would appear here.
Wouldn't it?
Or was there some private message corner?

The page had been up for a month or so.
Was it 'bait?"
Was Ellen looking for someone, and he had arrived before she found him?

Gary moved from the computer and tried to think.

His wife, without telling him, created a Facebook page.
His wife, on that Facebook page, used her maiden name.
His wife, on that Facebook page she created and never told him about, used her maiden name and never admitted she was married.

There was something wrong about it.

Gary imagined logging on as some other guy and hitting on Ellen to see what she would do, but he didn't have the first clue about what he should say to get her interest.

He thought about asking a friend to log on and do it, but that would open himself too much.

All he could do was wait.
Say nothing.
Do Nothing.

And wait.

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HendrikDB profile image

HendrikDB 5 years ago

Interesting - waiting for the end!

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

thank you

tomismobile profile image

tomismobile 5 years ago from Oklahoma City

I have a friend in the same situation, real life though. Waiting to see how you continue this story...

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

thank you

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

i didn't think to make it a 2 part...

tomismobile profile image

tomismobile 5 years ago from Oklahoma City

Well, the people, yes we are people, there are 2 of us, have spoken. Please continue this story!

tammyswallow profile image

tammyswallow 5 years ago from North Carolina

I am number 3. I request a part two also.. three to one. Well written!

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

Okay, I shall

qeyler profile image

qeyler 5 years ago Author

will publish tomorrow

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