lay awake in a dark room

Lay awake in a dark room

Reflecting on what my life has become

Failure is all I have become

Luck I never had

Hard work not paying off

Born into a family destined for unhappiness

Wonder if only the stars could have been

Different when I was conceived

Lay awake in a dark room

Reflecting on what my life has become

A disappointment to my mother

For not staying and working on my marriage

A disappointment to myself for not having a solid direction for my future

I am a lost soul

The only thing that keeps me going is

the love in my daughter’s eyes

When she looks at me

The sound of her laughter

When she is happy

She is all I am

And she is the only one keeping me sane

Lay awake in a dark room

Thinking of ways, I can enhance my life

Ways I can make my life better

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moiponetsoka profile image

moiponetsoka 4 years ago from South Africa Author

thank you very much for your input

k2jade31 profile image

k2jade31 4 years ago from Idaho

Sad, but very powerful!

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