let the Fire Fly.


Let The Fire Fly.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >.<
Are we at risk to be
just a brief flash
in the darkness
of human frailty,
as we flit through
the gardens of of mind
sucking pollen
from creativity.

All around us
other's sparks of
inspiration also flare,
in the warm glow of perhaps?

The heavens move us,
with a brilliant
canvas of light,
but our feeble attempts
to capture such beauty,
simply blink from the
fire in our souls
but then vanish in
the mists of time.

Like the light bulb
over one's head,
in a cartoon sketch,
ideas form yet
we are but a caricature
of the glory above.

Still we must let
the glimmers of hope
shine bright if even
for just a moment.

Most children are
moved to capture
it and hold it
cherished in their hands.

We are the torch
though pale

in comparison
to the stars,
we lead the way
to the the future,
behind the black curtains
of the unknown
that awaits them.


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