Liquid Pain

You choose to consume this liquid death, with no regard for my heartache

When I choose Dr. Jekyll over Mr. Hyde any day

I can see what will become of you, and try to convince you for your own sake

But you wont hear me out, and one day you’ll pay for acting this way

It’s hard to relate, when you have this addiction

But when you consume your tonic of unholy wretchedness

You leave me broken and damaged, left with inner turmoil and affliction

How can I just stand by and play witness

I have to, want to and need to say something

To keep you around, for more then just a few years

I feel the dart pierce my heart and cause it to sting

I build up my strong wall, to prevent all these unwanted tears

As stubborn as you are, I can’t help but go insane

From all your bad habits, causing me so much pain!


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