living in the power of the crucified lord:an open letter to the holy father pope benedict xiv

an open letter to the holy father pope benedict xiv

Passing Through The Eyes Of The Needle
Passing Through The Eyes Of The Needle
Miss Blessing Chinonso Ajuonuma:member, MarysRose
Miss Blessing Chinonso Ajuonuma:member, MarysRose
Miss Blessing Chinonso Ajuonuma:member, MarysRose
Miss Blessing Chinonso Ajuonuma:member, MarysRose
This Letter Has Been Sent To The Apostolic Nuncio In Nigeria
This Letter Has Been Sent To The Apostolic Nuncio In Nigeria
This Letter Has Been Sent To The Catholic Bishop Of Aba,Bishop Vincent. V. Ezeonyia cssp.
This Letter Has Been Sent To The Catholic Bishop Of Aba,Bishop Vincent. V. Ezeonyia cssp.

an open letter to the holy father pope benedict xiv

Living in the power of the crucified lord: an open letter to the holy father pope benedict xiv.

By Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi

Catholic Diocese Of Aba, Nigeria.


On bended and trembling knees, I greet you dear Holy Father in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am Rev. Fr. Kenneth Chinkata Evurulobi, a catholic priest of the Catholic Diocese of Aba turned into a private investigator. I was ordained a priest on July 12, 1997 at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Aba, Abia State, Nigeria by my Local Ordinary Most Rev. Dr. Vincent Valentine Ezeonyia CSSP and sent to St. Margaret’s Parish, Uratta RoadAba as an assistant pastor to Rev. Fr. Ignatius Nwoko. In September 1999, after a brief holiday in Lagos with Rev. Fr. Julius Olaitan, an assistant pastor to a St. Patrick Irish Priest in Ketu, Lagos, I came home to Aba to assume duties as the Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Umuagbai, Obohia RoadAba.

In 2000, I left Our Lady of Fatima for St. Pius X Parish, Obohia-Ndoki, a protestant dominated rural area in Ukwa East Local Government of AbiaState. While here, I enrolled as a student of Systematic Theology at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, obtaining a Masters Degree and a Liencetiate in Religious Studies and Systematic Theology with “Holy Trinity As Community: Its Implications For Aba Diocese, Nigeria” and “Rahners Auto-Transcendence. Its Implications For The Prayer Life Of Christians In Aba Diocese Nigeria”, as topics for my successfully defended thesis respectively. I was researching on the topic “Evolution And Creation As Sustainable Issues Of Development In Nigeria” for my doctorate, and was a year away from my defense when I was abducted on July 9, 2006, three days to my 9th year priestly birthday. Again, while still in Port Harcourt, I look lectures on International Affairs at the University of Nigeria, Port Harcourt and at the same time functioned as a Graduate Lecturer at CIWA, and was privileged to do a pastoral work as a visiting assistant pastor at St. Mary’s Parish Aggrey Road, Port Harcourt with very Rev. Fr. (now Msgr) Emmanuel Maru as the pastor.

The circumstances of my abduction and the arising questions there from forced me to write you a letter which at face value looked like a resignation from the Catholic Priesthood, but which in actual fact was not and could not have been but was an effort to win the attention of the Holy see on the book “Satanic Code”, which was confidentially handed over to me by Late Msgr Gabriel Etche of the Blessed Memory not only as the explanation for what I was passing through as the pastor at Our Lady of Fatima as at then, but also for the mysterious character which our diocese had taken on especially the mysterious death of priests and laity.

It was the source and operators of this book that I was investigating as it pertains to PDP, Ogboni Fraternity, Student Cults, Traditional Cults, the Knighthood (both Catholic and Protestant) and neo-Pentecostalism which resulted in my abduction for ritual in Benin, Edo State, Nigeria. This plan was aborted by the timely intervention of Our Lady of Fatima.

If the shameful story of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Master, which took place on a particular Friday; if this story, by virtue of the events which it holds and witnesses to in time elevated it to the pedestal of transcendental goodness and beauty so much so that this particular Friday is called Good, then in the spirit and love of the Mother of the Church, Our Lady of Fatima, I bring you these tidings of Joy, Oh ye Anointed One who is seated on the THRONE of ST PETER, the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome and the visible Head of the Universal Church.

Defrocked of the recalcitrance of Jonah but yet swimming gracefully in the calm and serene waters of orthodoxy; strongly possessed by the spirit of Daniel but yet resisting the rites of exorcism; fuelled by the canonized revelations which John the Beloved received from the Holy Spirit through the Virginal Hands and Immaculate Heart of his in-house lover and mother (whom her own husband silently mistook for a harlot); and having just arrived from a recondite mission of reconnaissance across the tragically neglected field of Roses at Fatima whose thorns hold love’s purest diamonds in diplomatic captivity against the decree of heaven; in appreciation of the pageantry of our faith and the sacred traditions of the Church; and as your abused grandson and a bell-boy in the Royal Suites of St Paul as well as a page to my beautiful but broken-hearted Bride, I am construed to decorate the Throne of St Peter with these old but yet vibrant petals of Purple, Red, White and Golden Roses. They are Mary’s Rose.


You, the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XIV would be publicly disgraced and forced to resign so as to declare the ‘S’ of the “Sainthood” of Peter null and void thereby creating an avenue for the Anti-Christ to get at the Son of God by taken over the ‘S’ of the ‘Seat’ of St Peter and turning it into a small ‘S’ of the ‘Seat’ of St Peter so as to contradict it by turning it upside down - a small snake to be fed and nourished into a dragon. By an international conspiracy, you will not be able to leave Rome based on a warrant of arrest to be issued against you by European Community (EC) and United States of America (USA). Now, imprisoned within the four walls of Vatican under a maximum Masonic security as provided by a Judas in the person of Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and having been forced to sign a note which you never fathomed to be a suicide note dated 9 seconds, 9 minutes, after the hour of 9 (9smh), September 9,2010, and sealed with your Bull; and again unsuspectingly hearkening to the promptings of sycophants, your undying faithful and most trusted collaborator William Joseph Cardinal Levada would strongly persuade you to celebrate a Holy Mass for some visitors in which he will concelebrate. Just before Holy Communion, Cardinal Levada’s attention would be distracted by an invitation to attend to urgent matters and therefore would never return back, leaving you to do the Ablution as no other person would be allowed to do it, thereby putting a demand on your humility. Instead of water, a special strongly effective poison which will pass for clean water even in the eyes of an experienced laboratory scientist would be provided for you. This Mass would begin at exactly 6pm on Thursday, September 30, 2010 in the Sistine Chapel. Your death has been fixed at exactly 6 seconds, 6 minutes after the hour of 6 in the morning of Friday, October 1, 2010 but 3pm would be announced officially as time of death. At 6 seconds, 6 minutes after the hour of 6 on the same day in the Sistine Chapel, a satanic funeral rites to be administered on you during Mass by four unnamed cardinals who are members of the 666 will commence, and this is after your index finger (right), pubic hair/penis and tongue have been expertly removed and distributed as food to six dogs from brought specially from six pagan shrines across the world. The Mass (Tridentine) would be celebrated on top of a 9year old virgin nun whose birthday corresponds to this date.(some explanation is further required here -- one of this so–called Cardinals who is to be the Chief Celebrant is from the Middle East and has been a mystical student of Osama Bin Laden. His activities have been very clandestine and hidden but he has been secretly tutored in the internal and external workings of the Vatican and as well, possesses a wealth of intelligence in this regard. He is not an ordained priest - if I am to understand by this that no bishop laid hands on him in the Catholic tradition for him to become a priest. He is not a bishop, not even a Christian nor a Muslim, but a High Priest of a Powerful satanic cult like Osama Bin Laden himself under the cover of Islam.

He has a daughter whose birth and circumstances of life have been conditioned to tally with these requirements. This daughter was given out in adoption to a devoted Catholic family. His wife (not a legitimate marriage but a mystical union) who is the head of another women satanic cult in far East would also be dressed up like the Mother General of a clandestine but non-existent women religious congregation. The innocent virgin girl would be brainwashed into dedicating her life to God as a nun by a sycophant / mole who was planted on her parents as a strong benefactress to her family. She will be professed as a nun 90 days to the 1st October, 2010 in a “Mass” celebrated by her father who is a fake Cardinal, and her vows would be received by her mother who is the fake mother general but never known to her. After her mission in Vatican, she would be murdered after having been disvirgined by her own father in the presence and with the tacit approval her own mother on the altar table of the Sistine Chapel. In her stead, a six months, 6 day, six year old imbecile boy who has been rendered blind, lame, deaf and dumb, had been murdered (with his penis, tongue and right index finger removed) and had been in a mortuary for 6 months, 6 days and 6 hours (as conditioned to march September 6, 2010) would be dressed in the regalia of little nun and flown back to the adopted parents of the innocent virgin girl in a sealed golden coffin and canonized a saint and his relics must be placed on the altars of every apostolic nuntiature across the world. The fake cardinal would enter Rome and be recognized as the Cardinal whom Pope John II created but whose name remained in his mind . He is designated to be the next Pope. And by the time he takes over the papacy, he would be 66years. The new Pope will open powerful avenues of friendship with America and thus elevate America to the status of strong collaborator in search of global peace and security. Openly backed by powerful American military intelligence and propaganda on the one hand and standing on the secret but conscious support of his model and mentor Osama Bin Laden, his open and unguarded suspicion, utterances and attention would be focused on the Middle East targeting Iraq thus prompting Iraq to feature and empower Osama Bin Laden in the name of Islam. The Arabs, in solidarity with Iraq, will stop the supply of oil to America in retaliation. There and then, the Pope will pass on secret intelligence about America to his most faithful, dependable and trusted confidant Osama Bin Laden who will in turn reduce America to mere rubbles, and declare it the Victory of Islam. Also in a secret alliance in the pretext of soliciting Arab support and protection shortly after the fall of America, Vatican under this Pope would tacitly support the Arab nations to take over Israel as their ancestral home. And still with the knowledge but tacit approval of the Pope, secret but scandalous Vatican/church stage-managed dealings especially financial and economic crimes would be made available to world media whereby every effort would be made to give the publications a local coverage so as to stir up wide and celebrated protests against the Vatican leading to the general erosion of confidence in the Church. When he has gone thus far, and having been absolved from every responsibility for the atrocities of the church as he was a late comer to all that, he would resign with honour and respect, and marry his wife – the Mother General. Before this, he had made Celibate Priesthood optional and at the same time passed the responsibility for approval of women ordination to the next Pope. There will be a great exodus from the priesthood. Meanwhile, the Mother General and her congregation ( a community of lesbians) will take over the running of the shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal which would be renewed and updated as a pilgrimage center with strong force ,miracles, signs and wonders. A new statue of Our Lady of Fatima would be brought to the shrine. The statue would be very large enough to concede a small mortuary in the womb area which would be spacious enough to accommodate two aborted children that would be replaced every year on the 6th of June. The Pope will also build a special chapel of perpetual adoration in the Vatican with a lot of indulgentia and apostolic blessing attached for every pilgrim who pays a visit and entrust this chapel into the care of a special Men Religious Congregation whose members are homosexuals. The tabernacle in this chapel also duplicates the statue in Fatima except that instead of aborted babies, the parts removed from dead bishops would be consecrated and preserved in the tabernacle as the Blessed Sacrament, , even as unconsecrated host is exposed. The next Pope after him would be a dedicated, holy and intelligent man of God filled with the Holy Spirit. A pact with Arab which will take the shape of corporation of world religions but strongly targeting the reduction of the influence and power of Islam will emerge thereby replicating the situation of the Church in Islam. But the exposition and publication with the attendant exaggerations by the media of scandalous and criminal dealings of Vatican, bishops, priests and religious women, etc would build up stiff opposition and hatred against the Church and her ministers. This liberalization and satanization have already been accomplished in most of the orthodox churches and frontline Pentecostals. For instance, relying factually on the fruits of my investigations in Nigeria and in as much as people’s sincere efforts in their search for God be appreciated, most of what confronts them as churches and ministers are cultists in the regalia of a shepherd. However, about the Pentecostals, strong appeal and recommendation from Our Lady greets Pastor W.F.Kumuyi of the DeeperLifeBibleChurch.

More so ,as has already been stage-managed and commissioned to happen, Vatican would be attacked and reduced to a heap of ruins by Islamic insurgents hiding behind innocent protesters. In this attack, innocent and dedicated cardinals bishops, priests and women religious would be targeted and murdered but by a conscious act of omission, the Holy Father would not be killed. He would be left to dig the graves of his beloved sons and daughters, sleep on a mattress of maggots, be covered by a blanket worms. This is the interpretation of the vision of the Pope on red walking and mourning over a heap of ruins. Similar violent episodes will play themselves out in other orthodoxy denominations and Pentecostalism every where). You will be buried in a secret grave after the Mass of Initiation, together with a copy of the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC), Code of Canon Law (CCL) and the Desinger Schoemester (DS). By the incantations and invocations of magic/spell cast on you by a combined team of Satanists who disguised as pilgrims and whose visit is stage-managed to correspond with this date, you will be made to rise up again , in total nakedness, to a new life on Sunday, October 3, 2010 at exactly 3am and be made to profess the Articles 666, of the CCC, CCL and DH respectively, and commanded to hand these documents to the 9 year old nun who would there and then hand them over to the Mother General of her congregation present. The Mother General will place the document on the altar of Sistine Chapel. At this stage, the so-called pope-elect would lead the 9 year old nun into the Sistine Chapel where he will lay her on the altar of the Chapel and dis-virgin her as the girl would surrender herself in good faith after having listened to the exhortation of the Mother General on the importance and significance of unalloyed and unquestionable obedience to her superiors and to God whom the cardinal represents. Her vagina and her left breast will be expertly removed by those designated to do this. No effort would be made to clean the Sistine Chapel of the blood of the girl. Instead a Mass is to begin, presided over by the new pope-elect in the company of the other three Cardinals, Mother General and 9 genuine priests unconsciously sponsored on pilgrimage to Rome by Satanists in their different home countries and basking on the privilege of the company of a papabile, and 9 youths who are heads of a secret cult in their respective home countries but who are quite conscious of their mission. At the profession of faith, a satanic creed would be recited by all with special attention focused on these priests. At the gospel, a portion would be read from the book titled “The Gospel To Judas and would focus on the reason why he sold Jesus- Jesus snatched Mary Magdalene from Judas in the pretext that he was casting out demons from her and made her his concubine. The breast and vagina of the little girl are consecrated and consumed raw as the secret specie while her virginal blood is consecrated and drank as sacred wine by all present- the priests have no alternative. For announcement, the priests are compelled to have a round of sex each with the Mother General, suck her breast and deeply kiss her lips, after which she pays each of the priest, $666 enclosed in a white envelope with an inscription Our Lady of Fatima Shrine. The little girl, together with the 9 genuine priests are murdered and their bodies are to be secretly disposed. Originally, and out of blackmail or membership, the ordaining bishops of these priests consciously but secretly erased their identities from the diocesan statutes in their respective dioceses/congregations especially their pictures. Their blood will be used for a ritual birth the rest. Each of the 9 youths is to take up the name of one of the priests respectively, and a certificate of ordination and an identity card are given to them respectively having come from the hometown of the priest he is impersonating but yet he is unknown to the priest. They are not ordained. After the conclave, and three months after, they are sent to Fatima through different routes as Chaplains with their secret wives. Your official burial date is October 6, 2010 at 1200hrs. It is to be shun by many cardinals, bishops and Heads of States.


By a special act of conscious infiltration and reconnaissance, the other four cardinals referred to above would reach out to unsuspecting but deeply committed fellow cardinals so as to decipher the most favoured contenders to the throne. They will zoom, campaign and win curial support for the three most favoured ones, but from behind and reaching out to their collaborators in USA, they will use Cable News Network (CNN – the chairman is 666) and New York Times to blackmail and expose them when they are already inside the conclave. Inside the conclave, a confessional suicide letter by Late Benedict XIV would be presented by Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone in which he(Benedict XIV) states that he had not been sincere with the Third Message of Fatima. And that it was the instruction of Our Lady of Fatima that the unnamed Cardinal in the mind of his predecessor Late John Paul II be the one to succeed him (ie, John Paul II) but that he allowed his inordinate ambition to be the Bishop of Rome overrule the voice of his conscience. And that is why, as an act of contrition ( in which he requests that Ps 51 be said on his behalf) he had to invite the most dedicated…………………… come home to his duty post. The letter is to end with a strong persuasive solicitation from Our Lady the Blessed Virgin Mary for votes on behalf of their brother in the episcopate who has sacrificed everything for the gospel). Before then, around August 2010, secret files will be arriving the office of the Secretary of State detailing the sordid atrocities of the most of the Cardinal Electors as coordinated mainly by powerful knights / some members of Opus Dei who are Satanists over which they will be invited for chat with the Cardinal Secretary . This is however a veiled reminder to the cardinal in question of the reason why he is not and cannot be a papabile . These files would target most of the powerful and influential cardinal electors.


Since it is better to accept humiliation for the sake of the gospel than to be a prisoner of the devil, engage in a return visit to Rev. Fr. Hans Kuhn, and personally hand these documents over to him to study. Spend a day and a night with him, and you have won the final victory against Satan by overcoming the sin of pride. If he fails to listen to you, then you can evolve an alternative but for now, he is the most experienced for the job.


Take time to look out for spirit filled, theologically balanced and charismatic cardinals, archbishops, bishops and priests. Note down their names, and keep an eye on each and every one of them personally. Do not listen to a hearsay and do not give room for personal bias. From out of these people, choose 9 possible papabile and make the list available to all the Cardinals and bishops inside and outside Rome. But let them know that this list is tentative. However any list that was not released by you alive and in person, and which must have gotten to all the cardinals and bishops and yet subject to your public confirmation is null and void. From here, the Cardinal Electors can elect a pope for the Church, no longer at exactly 6 seconds, 6 minutes to the hour of 6 in the evening of October 9, 2010 but rather at God’s own appointed time.

A step in this direction will rescue many people including you, many Archbishops, Priests, Religious , some highly placed Catholic personalities, myself, my entire family, etc, from the rampaging threat of death that has held all of us captive. Above all it is about the Great Renewal, and the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, yet it not the end of the World. If Freemason succeeds in her plan, a plan that is only known to the six hundred and sixty six members of the World Union and their other selves only, and in which everything about them is highly secured, all willing and unwilling collaborators, agents, instruments and accessories except those who are still on mission will be secretly but systematically eliminated –anyhow, as their whereabouts, contacts and connections are fully detailed and kept under strong surveillance even those in the military and secret service of their respective countries.

On August 15, 2009, Solemnity of Assumption, Our Lady dictated the spirit and tone of this letter tilted “An Open Letter To Mr. President” (enclosed) based on facts and charged me to add flesh and flavour to it (see Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi on Sahara reporters/hub pages/facebook websites respectively especially the blog “My Story: Why They Want Me Dead). It was re-confirmed again and published on Sept. 15, 2009, the date of the burial of Late Gani Fahwehmi, foremost legal luminary and human right activist. It is important to note here that the death of Chief Gani Fahwehmi reflects the currents of total extinction of the authentic voices of conscience as ignited long ago through the tragic regime of a former gap-toothed General who is now retired. I did my best to send the letter to President Yar’dua, but I do not know whether he had the opportunity to read it before he died in April, this year.

Now our Lady has directed that, and I quote, “this same letter be sent to the holy father, Pope Benedict XIV because the underlying facts, causes and circumstances of the death of Umaru Musa Yar’dua, former president and commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the plan of murder against the Holy Father in the Vatican which is to commence anytime from now and is to be concluded before October 1, 2010 owe their strong origins and roots to one and the same source. People’s Democratic Party (PDP) of Nigeria and P2 in the Vatican are two leprous fingers of the left hand of the monster which wears the regalia of Freemason. Its real face is the Anti-Christ.

Dearest Holy Father and my own father in the lord, it must have to be emphasized here that prognostications about life is a conscious or unconscious confession of irremediable faithlessness and perforated hope. A spectrum of divine light is idolatrously acknowledged as a sure emblem of an emerging luck. Along this axis of thought and action, the whole of life is reduced to mere speculations about luck, and is tragically forced into a type of mock crucifixion that is very much associated with an infertile trumphalism which feeds fat on the organic breast of conventional usurpations, cultic manipulations and induced ignorance. A monument is always employed as the final punctuation to the telltale of luck. It is evident in history, and no contrary episode has been found, that such a monument is always on the long run, one of total defeat, of betrayal, of cowardice or of selfishness. An unrepentant step further along this avenue signifies the erection of a repository of foolish demands and inconsiderate task on the generousity of Eternal Divine Consciousness who took flesh in the person of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Only few adherents of the doctrine of luck manage to get away but not without a rebuke whose echoes live long enough to constitute a silent warning to future generations. If not so, then why not, since tomorrow, they say, is a silent critique of today’s efforts.

I have a childlike conviction that faith, not luck, constitutes the basic structures of life even as these structures are tangible and experiential. Over and against luck which constitutes only a parallel to faith, and whereas every attempt to dress itself up in the regalia of faith depicts a pitiable sight of self-mockery on the one hand, and an idolatry on the other hand, and contrary to the fatal projections of commandeered sentimentalism, the emblems and rudiments of faith may actually become threatened by the denigrations and shenanigans conceived in the womb of betrayal (as for instance, in the case of Judas Iscariot), or unbelief (as in the case of the Jews), nevertheless, and more importantly, betrayal and unbelief serve rather as a rite of passage for faith into adulthood on the condition, however, that this faith is exercised. For instance, watching the trend of events in Nigeria, I have come to the conclusion that, between Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida as former heads of states respectively, and again, between Goodluck Jonathan and Atiku Abubakar as former Vice Presidents respectively, while Alameighesia remains a good example of the profound fatalism inextricably associated with the game of luck, Umaru Musa Yar’dua presents a good picture of a faith that was never exercised. At best, there exists a conceited effort by PDP to repackage a monster and throw it back to Nigerians as our good luck that is divinely approved. Except for what remains of the faith of a dictator like former president Olusegun Obasanjo who is tragically fighting alone so as to protect his selfish interest, come 2010 general elections. This is the real situation of Nigeria presently, and Vatican involvement in Nigerian politics through Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican’s Secretary Of State has not made any difference. Instead, the Faith of the Church is being led into a forced marriage with Satanism, murder, corruption and the anti-Christ. And now, helplessly imprisoned by the desiderata of prognostications about luck, whether good or bad, and as our faith in one Nigeria is, as it seems, securely locked away in the grave of Umaru Musa Yar’dua, albeit with an expressive rigidity, Nigerians are again left with mere wishes of good luck while no tangible action which, at least, promises a satisfactory solution to the re-occurring questions of leadership, growth and development is in sight. In as much as there is a certain character of Jonathan attached to our good luck wishes for Nigerians and her teeming population with its attendant sermons on patience that seems to be incurably barren, it has to be unequivocally stated that the destiny of a nation is not a game of luck. It is rather a journey of faith – even if this be an atheistic one. While luck, at one extreme is, a game of chance with no defined purpose in sight save the fun of a jaundiced survivalism, atheistic faith, on the other extreme, is an activity of life that is based on creed, code and conduct scientifically designed from the on-set to carry every actor, whether sincere or not, along the path of a clearly defined objective, positive or negative.

To state the obvious, and with some unavoidable variations with the case of Aguiyi Ironsi, our dear nation is tightly tied on the neck with a drilling rope, and cruelly dragged by a drunk mad dog along the rough, thorny and snake-infested road to the Golgotha, not of faith but of luck. Just like a card game where every other person is and must remain a mere spectator and wins no credit save for the contestants only, Nigeria and everything it signifies and represents, including our faith, has been reduced to a mere game of luck. Against this background, it has to be stated that animals or objects, as suggested by horoscopes, are not the defining factors of human destiny, neither can they, even in their mystical configurations, successfully unearth the underlying principles of human life, growth and development. On the other hand, scientific research and technological progress may, perhaps evolve a dependable formula or a road map in this regard, but when these are confronted by the mysteries of life, they assume the character of mere conjectures, and remain only at that. As regards the doctrine of luck and its increasing adherents in the political, traditional, religious (especially in modern Pentecostalism) fronts, one cannot pretend about the fact that the entire arrangement is farcical and constitutes the fueling ingredient of religious and tribal antagonisms. And whether the concept of atheistic faith is or is not a contradiction in terms despite its over arching-pretensions, and whether this kind of faith does not unearth a new debate about the real winner and beneficiary of the cold war, even as USA hoisted the flag of victory, are contentious issues which time alone would resolve.

Far beyond the merely ceremonial recuperative structures offered by luck, and the promise of a utopian freedom by atheistic faith respectively, the real issues of life can only emerge by the strong persuasions of faith and would immediately submit themselves to the authority of faith. Obviously, faith constitutes the very structures of life. The spirit of this life is love. Its body is hope. Human life is therefore an inestimable value which God placed at the head of creation for the purposes of meaning and direction. When the quality of life was highly compromised by creation through the disobedience of the First Adam, God spoke his decisive Word again in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. No one knows God. No one has seen God. And no one can speak the language of God fluently except Jesus Christ the Son of God. God alone is the Speaker of His Word – not man, not animals, not objects. And a speaker is singularly known by his word. A speaker cannot fail to speak, and loudly enough too, otherwise he is dumb, or dead. Pope Benedict XIV, are you dead? Every other word spoken by a creature and so long as this word is not spoken by God in the Holy Spirit in the creature, that word is the word of man. Or, the nearest possibility is that it is a noise made by an animal, or a sound produced by inanimate objects. The transformative engine and experience of a person who has accepted the word spoken by God in freedom, and by that response has started a journey from the brink of collapse to the center of Meaning and Purpose is what is signified by faith, hope and love. These are gifts with a supernatural character, and as well constitute the Rock upon which the foundation of the Pilgrim Church is laid.

Now that there is the invasion of Vatican the City of God, the See of Peter and the Church of Rome by the Anti-Christ through the instrumentality of persons and interests that were long conceived in the womb of time and unholy alliance, the critical need of the moment is to rescue the most valuable treasures of our faith which constitute the beauty of the church, the Temple of God.

The intervention of Our Lady of Fatima is not a “once upon a time thing in the life of Pope John Paul II”. It is a continuous activity of the Holy Spirit through the Blessed Virgin Mary in the life of the church. The events of the assassination of Late John Paul in 1983 are illuminating but not exhaustive of the content of the Third Message Of Fatima about a pope in red agonizing over a heap of ruins. The propaganda of total and faithful implementation leveled against it, irrespective of who fuels it and whatever it is intended to achieve or serve behind the thick Vatican blinds, is and must be seen as a bizarre convolution conceived, vested and turbaned at the twin alters of terrorism and betrayal, and singularly points at the depth and cruelty of the infected wound in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary as inflicted by the so-called People of God in a house which He purchased at the price of His costly blood. Indeed without an adequately developed ecclesiology of the Church as spiritual mystical communion, which makes us to appreciate the beauty of this world but immediately mandates us to look forward to and attend to our divine vocation, the People Of God model of the Church is a disadvantaged concept.

Again, the greatest pitfall of Pope John II’s diplomatic involvement was the alliance with American CIA in the war against communist Russia. Our Lady says that American involvement in the cold war was opposed to and contradicted the church’s missionary activity in Russia. Vatican’s missionary incursion into Russia was a necessity – divine as well as humanity’s need – and may have been fraught with landmines but then it did not first of all require an excursion into the Oval Office and a look from its window to Russia through the highly Masonic manipulated lenses. A look from the Vatican’s diplomatic window in Russia, as clandestine as it might have appeared, could have been more rewarding and could have served to erect the barriers that necessarily define the differences between a spiritual need and a secular one, between a divine institution and a secular state. The World Union (666) both Americans and Russians including Gorbachev ceased this lacuna with expressive gratitude. They traded the unity of USSR, after there had been a secret resolve within themselves to be accommodated by America in the Global Citizenship Project. In a criminal collaboration with the members of the World Union Brotherhood, former American President Bill Clinton (an unrepentant 666 in charge of the Akansas Masonic Logde) co-opted Mr. Kofi Anan as Secretary of UNO for this purpose, and he did not fail his employers even as Africa is the worst hit victim. What a shame! Today, Barack Obama, a black man, has succeeded him and has resolved (in the name of Africa/Blacks?) to bring an expertise touch to it. Why must Blacks be invited, under the nose of a camera, to do the most ugly of tasks and wash the poisonous dishes used by debased minds in the poisoning of humanity? This is the reason why I am not excited about an Igbo President in Nigeria or a black as the President of America or even, and I say this with an air of total finality, as the next Pope.

The issue at stake is not about race, it is about the authentic search for meaning, for purpose and for the TRUTH. In this regard, powerful lumps of truths, so long as they remain authentic in themselves and as seemingly unconnected as they are, must always be allowed to confront each other headlong. The role of an authentic seeker of truth here is to make a sincere effort to tune down the volume of sentimentalism with the greatest measure of prudence possible. The Monster in Russia died on an Easter Sunday only to rise again to a new life on Pentecost, albeit more powerful, more forceful, more influential and more accommodated across the globe through the Global Citizenship Project. It is only the construction of a Global Ethic, which must be done with every amount of caution so as to preserve the purity of Faith that will define the relevance of the Church in the ongoing debate about lasting peace and security across the globe. The search for Vatican’s human and natural resources in America as an aid to her missionary efforts in Russia should have started and ended within the four walls of the American dioceses. The World Union (that is members of the 666) exploited Vatican’s desperate moves in Russia to infiltrate and launch her Vision into the mainstream of the Church’s life – an accomplishment that was originally impossible except in Anglicanism. Though as a person John Paul II remains uncontaminated, the echoes still linger and go to explain the precarious situation to which Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone - this unassuming, convinced and dedicated churchman – has been forced into. Just as I mentioned in my letter to Justice (Mrs) Mary Odili titled “My Autobiography”, that “my own father (Benedict XIV) is not the murderer (the Bishops, Priests, Nuns and Knights who are killing in the name of God), and if you mean my mother (the Church), then she is the symbol of perfect motherhood”, I also insist that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone is not the Judas. Nevertheless whomsoever this Judas is who wears a triple personality among the members of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican’s Secretary of State is an unenviable award-wining candidate of a Judas’ recondite exploits in the college of Lycanthropy. Like my poor self at the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA) and the Catholic Diocese of Aba respectively, he can refuse to accept this award by tendering a resignation. This is the meaning of service. My elder brother Mr. Charles may not be as dedicated in the faith as I am, but he and my entire family strongly believed and resolutely supported my principled war against corruption and Satanism. He and his family – wife and three children have been poisoned using the Catholic Nurses Guild, Aba Diocese in collaboration with PDP and AbiaState Government. My parents and the members of the Evurulobi Extended family face the same fate, but this is not our portion and cannot be. Our Lady says that the response to my supplications is to be found in Isaiah 44:24-28 and Isaiah 49:15-17. May our testimony of faith be a source of consolation for Cardinal Bertone.

The decisive steps in this direction form the contents of my most recent letter to William Joseph Cardianal Levada, Prefect of the Propaganda for the Doctrine of the Faith.

This, according to Our Lady, is the implication of the Third Message of Fatima for your Pontificate. The authentic List Of the Winners of National Lottery can only be confirmed by Miss Glory Isaac(OhankuVillage, Ukwa East Local Government, AbiaState). She does not have it with her but at the appointed time, somebody will hand it over to her. And if Glory or Mr Chinonso Urama(EnuguState but lives at Orji Rd,off Umule Rd, Aba), myself or any member of the Evurulobi Extended Family is killed before the appointed time, then this List does not exist. Whoever claims anything contrary to this should be held responsible for our death.

United by the umbilical cord of faith,

I am,

Yours Obedient Son,

Rev. Fr. Kenneth Evurulobi

08057572657, 08060396112

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tim 3 years ago

this doesn't make any sense - at all - even a little bit

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