l long for those words love

 l long for the words of love


l long for the words of love,

That are worth all the gold on this Earth,

And can streach from deep down in the

Ocean to the sky and into space,

l long for those words that will be

embedded in my heart forever,

l just need to hear those words whisper

in my ears,

and dry up all my tears

Those words will cheer me up,

Those words l will cherish forever,

and light up all my senses,

just say those words,

and be mine forever,

Let me hear them today,

Let me hear them tomorrow,

Let me hear them forever and ever,

Let me hear the words of Love.


dianeaugust profile image

dianeaugust 6 years ago from Tennessee

So beautiful--the movement of your words--asking love to come to speak to you. I enjoyed the reading and the poem! DA

rexy profile image

rexy 6 years ago Author

dianeaujgust - Thanks for reading and your kind comment...

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