Love Poem From The Heart

My Love Is Yours Alone
My Love Is Yours Alone

My love is Yours Alone

I have a love to convey to thee

I am yours and yours alone

For you my Queen

My love is destine to be with thee.

In my heart is all I feel

A love that's wanting you for real

Nor words can say, nor mind can think

When this love is with thee

This love is only yearning

To become one with thee.

© Copyright David Beepathsingh

Love Light Upon Me

I never knew that love can be

Like a light upon me

Until life has presented you to me

Since the day, I've been blessed with thee

Now I see the light of love

That is shining upon me

Oh my darling what would I do without you

Your light that takes me through

The darkness I cannot bear

As light excelleth the darkness

As a radiant light

So your love is to me

A love that is lit upon me.

© Copyright David Beepathsingh

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