Love Story With Sad Ending

Love Story With Sad Ending

one day I was walking down the street when a gorgeous man approached me and asked me for my number. So I said yeah and gave it to him. he called me that night and we talked for hours. he told me how beautiful I was and he wanted to get to know me. so he took me out two days later and we had a wonderful night. I never felt that way about anyone before. I felt that feeling. that feeling you get when you have butterflies in your stomach and its like they almost hurt. so we went out on a couple more dates before we decided to make it official. about a year and a half later I got pregnant and before I even told him he proposed. I was going to tell him that night. it was so weird. from that night on I knew it was definitely meant to be. After I had the baby and lost all that weight we got married. we had a huge wedding and went on a wonderful honeymoon in Paris. somewhere I always wanted to go. one night, on our daughters first birthday, he went out on a cold stormy night to buy our baby girl a cake. he was gone for an hour before I started to worry. I called his phone at least a hundred times in a row. he never came home that night. my daughters first b day was all messed up cause she wanted her daddy and I got no sleep. I started to assume he was cheating. I cried the whole night long. the police arrived at my house at exactly 6:36 in the morning and told me my husband got in a car crash and died. I had so much running through my head. I was in denial but how was I going to tell my baby her daddy died? and how was I going to deal with it? I felt as if my life was over. I thought about committing suicide but I didn't want my daughter to grow up with no mother or father. now its three years later and nobody else has came into my life. I don't want anyone else. all I want is for him to walk through that door with my daughters cake and tell me he loves me once more. and for us to celebrate sabrinas bday all night long. and for us to open presents and take pictures like he had planned. but I know its impossible for my wish to come true. but I love you Mike and I always will. me and Sabrina miss you deeply.

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shadow 7 years ago soo sorry..when i read this..i felt heavy hearted..

joey albert van v. orilla 7 years ago

such a SAd STory :(..


Abin Loves Meenakshi 6 years ago

this is vry sad n heart touching real life story....i wish no one goes through this phase in life....i love my girlfriend and i cant see myself without her are really a brave woman, i admire you, may GOD give you eternal peace....

Janet 6 years ago

I am really sorry for you. ;(

Write to my e-mail :

,because I really want to write about this.

mega christy 6 years ago

oh my so sorry, this story very so sorry

joey albert van v. orilla 6 years ago

sad story yet a sweet father....

via 6 years ago

this story is almost same with me .

i got pregnant bfore we make it official .

but when i got pregnant for 3 months , and before we got married , my beloved died in a car crash . :'(

Taylor Brown x 6 years ago

tht iz very sad, i hav am broken hearted 2, i know exzactly how u feel :D, it'll be okay, i promise!! xxx

ps my mum has had a huge broken heart 2 wen she was younger, her namez Jordyn! but my brother Tobias thinkz hez the 'heart-breaker' himself!! my dad samuel iz the best and i hope u do find sum1 as nice as my dad!! xxx

Luz Monge 6 years ago

sorry iam crying is sooo touching.. Your a strong owman i would be crazy by now.

Hillary 6 years ago

I'm not sorry for you cause atleast someone likes you and stop babling just keep moving forward i think mike would want that too so pls just do wat i say it is good advice and i only havr two months to live so wish you luck ! =)

jennifer 5 years ago

i feel heavyhearted with the story..

ranjeeth 5 years ago

hey sis..i don knw who u are?...

but i gotta something to say u....

u r really a brave woman i have ever seen and a good mom and wife.... i have seen many woman who left their child and married to someone.. frm this i can get that u really love ur mike.... i wish u all the best.. and m so sorry fr u :( :"(

Cheyenne 5 years ago

I'm only 14, and I haven't experienced anything like that, but I feel for you. I see the comments where people say they're sorry. I'm not going too. I know how bad you feel. I'm here for you. A perfect stranger, I know , but my heart is open to you. Whatever you need.

Email me :

rajesh 5 years ago

i dont know what to say..........mike is luckly to hve u

ravi 5 years ago

ya mike .....ur wife made me to miss u too......!!

Sanjay 5 years ago

It hurts very much wen we miss our love knowing dat we will neva hav dem

kiran 5 years ago

True love will never die....Mike will always b der for u...he is still watching u and :)

anna 5 years ago

this is a very sad story i fell sorry for u and i wish anything like this would happen with anyone or me because i really truly love someone

Maria 4 years ago

This is a sad story, i am so sorry for you. GBU!

Janani 4 years ago

Yeh dear really felt hard when i read ur syory.. Really ur great ..I wish everything good happens to u and Sabrina

amira 4 years ago

heart touching.... :(

take care of u n Sabrina

Evette 4 years ago

Omg i AM so Sorry

sweetheart 4 years ago

i m sorry ,its really a hrt touching story ......i no hw it feel coz i love someone deeply frm my hrt n i wud never want to c my self wid out dis special person ......

n u are a brave women take cake n may god bless u ......n dnt worry mike is always wid u always .........n don't be sad ..keep going

jk 4 years ago

what happen 2 ur life is Gods plan!! don't lose hope there are saying that

" habang may buhay may pag asa" so theres nothing to worry just remember always that mybe there is a reason why God give you that kind of experience in life!! and everythings happan for a reason! time wl cum you can find that reason! just trust God! bcoz she loves you and your daughter!Tc GBU

unknown female 4 years ago

wooow this touched me really hard to my heart .

Carl :) 4 years ago

I love my girlfriend with more then all my heart!!!! im sooo sorry! your strong! i could never deal with that!

mike 4 years ago

its meee...i am baaack... i turned into... a zombieee... braaains...

Jennifer 4 years ago

Am sorry 4 ur lose bt i tink ur 2 lucky 2 ve found sum1 who luvs u dat much.Gods strength s wit u.

hina 4 years ago

OMG.. i really feel sorry for yu.. may god bls yu and ur daughter.. if yu need any cmfrt.. im here fr yu..


raj kohli 4 years ago

I really feel sad ...

Don't worry God bless u

sakshi 4 years ago

vry sad made me more consious about my lover

Blessing ayowepihi 4 years ago

Am sorry 4 ur lose pls take heart God bless.

aarnav 4 years ago

mast , rely touch heart hmmmmm

licha katun 4 years ago

it’s very sad story… i’m so sorry, i’m cryin when i read ur story

ALI 4 years ago

why does love hurt!!!

Rass 4 years ago

iam sry u lov him truly .lov u mom

hiit 4 years ago

Glad I noticed this on hubs.

best regards,

Ron from Fitness

visit lumibini 2012 4 years ago

Melissa 4 years ago

This story is sad but I thought I would cry

Snky 4 years ago

Sad story dude i cn undrstnd ur feelngs coz am also hav a brokn hrt

Uttamjeet SIngh 4 years ago

Heart Touching Story

touch the heart deeply

Aditi 4 years ago





sannie 4 years ago

feeling sorr for u...........

bt don't worry where ever he may b .................he must b knowing where u r n how u r?he must b looking after u from the heaven.................

4 years ago

really its hert tuching story

Maria Cecilia profile image

Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

Love ones who left for the after life world will always be a part of our lives... wish you'll be happier in your life with your daughter and have his memories like a strength.

LoveYouBayb 4 years ago

Ohh Babyy !! ;'(((((((( I'm Crying !!

For 30 mins noww !

May God Bless you and help you ..

krisha 3 years ago u dnt wry..god has given u a fairy take care

tenzin shacha 3 years ago

how sad

i am search of this type of girl for me


joyce zguro 3 years ago

It is contrast let me say i take care of many elderly people who have had their mates fifty sixty and seventy years they-----never get over their loss and most sit in a numb state of depression-----then for you it was so wonderful but not enough time---I wish something could bring comfort----loving is such a woderful gift-----can we heel to love again----the story just screams not fair-------I wish your daughter the best-----he was so wonderful----joyce zguro

sonika 3 years ago

i am so sorry about that i bet he is watching u from haven

Summer 3 years ago

Im so sorry.....

nana 3 years ago

so touching i hope u will have a great life with ur daughter i will pray for u

MINAHIL 3 years ago

its too sad i understand what r u feeling it hurts too much if it would b with me i would die but as u r very strong so don't think about ur past move forward leaving the world behind love for u n ur baby girl

i m sorry

sarathy 3 years ago

i can't able to say any word because my eyes are filled with tears!

Clairemine 3 years ago

Omg, i feel so speechless.....honestly this is so emotional it made me cry, I wish you all the best with yours and your daughters life! Hope you will have joy in your heart again! :'( Your a very strong woman and am so proud of you, am always.....

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Blen 2 years ago


devika 2 years ago

by hearing this story,i too feel that i miss mike......this makes me cry.....

lily 2 years ago

oh im really sorry,this is a hard task to look over in life when there's no one left to comfort you but the lord is always there to comfort you in times like this.

hacker034 2 years ago

Wishes never come true.

andrea 2 years ago

This story made me cry the lord god will be wid u

sona 2 years ago


Sanam . s 2 years ago

I am sorry , but I still love u a lot . This story was heart touching line

pratiksha 21 months ago

I luv u my love (cocu)

Prince Emans 15 months ago

Wtf! Am so sorry sis bou that! Love us really unfair but there's nothing you gotta do but be strong for ur Child dearie...

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