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I am writing this from the perspective of the Groovy 60's contributor. Martin Luther King Jr gave his famous "I have a dream speech" in August of 1963. The U.S. Civil War had ended 98 years before. King's speech pointed out that slavery had not ended, 100 years later.

For people who do not remember the 60's, it might come as a shock that the 60's were as stuck in the past as they were. I suggest reading this book by Martin Luther King Jr. While we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr Day, it is important that we remember more about the man than his assassination.

His words must never leave us. He was a brave man, a man who was not afraid to speak out against injustice that was so ingrained in the fabric of society that much of society had accepted it as the norm.

This book is a collection of his sermons which he started writing while in jail in Albany for holding a prayer vigil during the Albany movement. When Strength to Love came out in 1963, it was a new kind of book. The target audience was white and the words, although some of the more outspoken ones were removes, were very direct and to the point about the treatment of black Americans.

It was an eye-opener and a crucial part of a movement that forever changed America. These are the words of a preacher to his flock, of a believer to the world, of Martin Luther King Jr to us right now, more than half a century later.

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Read about the man in his own words.

Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?
Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

More on who Martin Luther King Jr was.


This is the speech that has become iconic.

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Tim Bader profile image

Tim Bader 2 years ago from Surrey, UK

Martin Luther King is one of the great public speakers who really influenced me as I was growing up - despite the fact that he died before I was born.

I used to have a book of his words, which I read and re-read so many times.

He was a true modern day prophet.

esmonaco profile image

esmonaco 2 years ago from Lakewood New York

I was a young boy back in the early 60's, and I'm never going to forget those words. Great Review and Congratulations on LOTD!!

anonymous 2 years ago

best speech EVER

Dressage Husband profile image

Dressage Husband 2 years ago from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada Level 3 Commenter

Great man that it is well to remember in life. Well done on LOTD!

Merrci profile image

Merrci 2 years ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

It sounds like a great book. Thanks for sharing it and congrats on LotD!

delia-delia profile image

delia-delia 2 years ago

Congratulations on LOTD! Nice review and tribute.

luggnutz13 lm profile image

luggnutz13 lm 2 years ago

Congrats on LOTD. Nice review.

Lynn Klobuchar profile image

Lynn Klobuchar 2 years ago from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Congratulations on LOTD. I remember exactly where I was when I heard about MLKJ. Tumultuous times.

evawrites1 profile image

evawrites1 2 years ago

Congratulations on LOTD! Interesting review.

favored profile image

favored 2 years ago from USA Level 2 Commenter

Congratulations on LotD.

MJ Martin profile image

MJ Martin 2 years ago from Washington State

A power of messages on what love can do. Great review. Congratulations on LotD.

anonymous 2 years ago

Excellent review. Congratulations on getting LotD!

Maravick profile image

Maravick 2 years ago

Congratulations on being the Lens of the Day! Martin Luther King, Jr was an amazing man and extremely eloquent as seen in the video of his iconic speech. I too posted on my blog Maravick K.N.O.W.S., the title is called "Two Men, Two Pioneers, Martin Luther King, Jr. And Elvis Presley. You can view it at Let me know what you think, congratulations again.

sszomahane 2 years ago

Very nice review and lens, he still is an inspiration to all of us!...

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