She told me I would be beautiful.

That I would have all the friends I wanted

That the boys would look.

They never looked…

She told me that it wouldn’t matter.

That it could be just between us.

Nobody would find out.

That it wouldn’t hurt anybody.

She promised me control and acceptance.

She promised me everything I wanted.

She lied.

She stormed into my life

Took control.

I tried to grab it, I tried to hold on, but I watched it slip..

Like sand though a child’s fingers.

I was gone.

She took me from my friends, family.

She taught me how to lie well.

She told me how ugly I was

That I would never be good enough…

I believed her.

She embarrassed me.

At night she would leave me and I would be left looking at what she did.

Leave me crying alone, because nobody new.

I thought…

But everyone knew…

They sat on the sidelines

Watching her kill me slowly…

Because that what she does

She separates, alienates and lies.

And even though I pushed her away.

Sometimes I still hear her

Calling ,searching for me.

Whispering the same empty promises

Same lies.

I know she will never leave me completely

That I will hear her for the rest of my life

But I do not listen, because I know her.

She will promise you everything…

But will give you less then nothing every time.


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