midsummer nights


Midsummer Nights

By Kaleem Raja

A novel, if ultimately unlikely collection of short stories. Edited by the ever- inventive Jeanette Winterson, Midsummer Nights is a collection of stories based on famous operas like Don Giovanni by household authors such as Ruth Rendell and Ali Smith.  For those unfamiliar with even the most celebrated operas, there is a dummy’s guide to the opera’s that inspired the short stories in this volume.

It’s an odd enterprise to turn a high blown, bombastic, larger than life genre like opera into a genre like short story writing which is about simplicity, lucidity and being succinct. Nonetheless, this is an enjoyable collection. Sometimes, one doesn’t always have time to casually sit and read War and Peace type volumes, and short manageable reading experiences become welcome in a busy day.  Perhaps it may even encourage some people to go and see the operas that these stories are based upon.


Midsummer Nights is edited by Jeanette Winterson and  published by Quercus

Pages : 336

ISBN : 978-849161831

Price : £8.99


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