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Writing has always been my passion. It’s where I can express my innermost thoughts, writing is my companion…But as much as I want to pursue career as a writer, something or someone will come along the way. It has been years since I last tried my hands on it…and now, I’m beginning to like the idea of writing again and see if all the creative juices will come out…I honestly don’t know how to start, you know when you get that so-called writer’s block…nothing is coming out my numb mind…but I’ll just keep on writing...I'll just write about anything and everything under the sun...I'll write until I ran out of ink... wishing I'll get there someday…I know it won't happen overnight. I'm not talking about miracles. I just have to believe that my once fervor for writing will go back..

Well, what can I say??? I started to write before I can walk, of course, not literally. As early as my grade school years, I already have this thing for writing. Like other teens, I wrote poems about my crush, what love is, what life brings, you name it, I write it. As I grew older, the intensity increased big time that I started to join student publications, writer’s and editor’s associations and the likes. Modestly aside, I had my fair share of writing for magazines and newspapers for a while, and had even gone to practicing what I learned in college (I took up A.B. Mass Communications) when I had my stint at one of the prominent newspapers in the country for a short span of time. Well, let this be a fresh new start for me…let me see if I can still write, if I can still do well on it...That is, if I really was good or I just thought I was...



For most writers, the worst part in writing is how to start, when you have a pen and paper in hand and you can’t come out with anything to write, like all the ideas are just inside you’re head but they don’t come in together… you’d compose a sentence or two and they don’t seem right that you’d crumple the paper, throw it on the wall like a ball, and will get another paper to scribble some words again that doesn’t make any sense…Since I believe that it’s not only me who has the same tight spot, might as well just start on giving advice on how to overcome this challenge of writer’s block.


Try to write using different writing instruments, write in different places and at different hours of the day. Start with the classic pen of using pen and paper at home, when everyone is out, then, if it will not work, then use your lap top, hit the coffee shop and start writing while sipping your flavored coffee. If you feel like going to bars and you think loud music will help you let those ideas come out your brain, then do so.


Just keep on writing and believe that you’ll get there someday. Do not think of how others will react. Turn the critical brain off. You can always edit your article once you’re done. In that way, at least you were able to finish a project, itl just needs a little furnishings to do for the final touch.


Try to loosen up. Think that you’re writing because YOU WANT to do it and not because YOU NEED to do it. Writing has to be something that you’ve always wanted more than anything else in the world. It gets a lot harder if you worry too much.


Set a time as to when your project SHOULD be done, If you have writing buddies, then try to start at the same time and make sure that you will both finish it on the deadline you’ve set. Make sure you don’t beat each other physically, or you won’t have someone to start a healthy competition with.


They say that physical exercise is important for mental activities. If you have been staring at your computer or your paper forever, then go out, take a not-so-long walk, hit the gym for half an hour or just play tennis for a while. Make sure that you take your pen and paper with you. Just don’t write while doing so, you might be hit by a car or ball or something. For sure,fresh blood will be flowing through your brain and creative juices will start coming out. For most writers, this really wokrs.


Jot down all ideas coming from your head. Then check whichever matches, segregate the thoughts and FOCUS more on each idea, then write a paragraph or two about it. Then bring them all together, omit the one’s you think unnecessary.


If you think you have already exhausted all your brain cells and still can’s come up with the conclusion, take a break. Eat or drink something, or chat with your frineds just to relax then go back to your article after. Don’t do it every 10 minutes though, you won’t get anywhere at all.


Go back to the time that you started writing. Try to remember why you are so into it, why it makes you feel that you have achieved something really big whenever you finishes a project, etc. Look at WHAT you are writing and WHY you are writing it. Are you doing it just for kicks?? Do you think readers will appreciate it?

At the end of the day, you will still say that writing is not really easy to do, you got to have the skill, and the passion for it. If you continue to touch base with the pleasure that you experienced when you first tried your hand in writing, it will continue to sustain you for whatever the future has in store for you...

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mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

feel free to leave your comments,thanks :)

mushy_mai 7 years ago

perfect mood to concentrate is the key, otherwise you wont be able to prolong it

drgratton profile image

drgratton 7 years ago from United Kingdom

I love your writing style Mhei. The issue of not being too hard on yourself as a writer is so important. Most of us can feel so guilty if the words don't flow which, in my opinion, can often just intensify the problem. A very inspiring hub. Thank you.

mhei profile image

mhei 7 years ago from Philippines Author

thanks for the kind words. i really appreciate it

htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Great post..Thanks..Nice

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