trifle joys

untitled # 2

The words I wish to say remain silent on my tongue
quietly I await a chance to express my feelings
the signs I give out obvious to all that see
how much more I tend to smile when your near
There isn't much I can offer you right now
all I am is yours if you want it
all I have is yours if you'll have it
All I do is for you if you'll accept it
all I want is you if you if you'll have me

Silent beauty

Silent beauty and grace abound in your body
litheness and poise whisper with every move made
Quiet energy and strenght in every act you perform
majesty and sureness abound in every spoken word
Passion and desire speak with every look you give
longing and love shout with every breath you take

trifle joys

The gentle whoosh of the waves as they brush the beach
the distantly fading sun as it puts itself to sleep
the delicate tinkle of rain during a summer shower
the delicate design of a snow flake before it melts in your hand
the sweet melodies of birds calling out to one another
the mournful baying of the wolf calling down the moon
The feel of silk and satin on bare smooth skin
the aroma of a garden after a fresh fallen rain
the joyful sound of laughter after a funny joke
the sincere understanding of things when life is tough
the smell of fresh cut grass in the noon day sun
the gentle yet firm patience when all around is hectic
all these are but trifle joys in my life
compared to the thrilling beauty that is you

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Gracie 6 years ago

Hi Wulf, Nice poetry. You seem to be a deep thinker, but then most poets are eh? ;)

Arlecchino profile image

Arlecchino 6 years ago from Top of the Cloud

Deep and touching! Great poetry!

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