apologies to pregnant ladies (a poem )

fourteen stone and counting
was what i said to you
i could see the pressure mounting
and then you finally blew
apparently i am an awful guy
or words to that effect
and i should go forth and multiply
never again to get erect
i try to stem the tide of meanness
that pours forth from your mouth
quite surprised at the obsceneness
its really quite uncouth ( lol )
it was taken the wrong way
i wasn't trying to upset
what it was i tried to say
i hope you will finally get
your pregnant with our baby
and i am filled with joy
whatever sex it maybe
i think i,d prefer a boy
but then it hardly matters
cause your the world to me
my life it would be tatters
i could never set you free
i know you hate your present size
an the way your hormones work
i love you madly its no surprise



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