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My family
My family

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This hub page is for me to do some blogging.  I am just going to write everyday about anything, and everything that is on my mind.  I have wanted to write something for days now and cannot seen to come up with anything. Any suggestions?  Please feel free to comment on anything that I write, weather it be good, bad or encouraging to do something different with my writing.  I love to write and would like to make it my career one day.  

Well let me get started then.  My night was absolutly terrible!  I HATE MY JOB!  But I really can't quit because we all know that it takes at least two paychecks to run a household nowadays.  I just wish I could come up with a good book to write so I can start my career and not work in a factory anymore.  Being a laboror really sucks sometimes, but on the other hand I know people that I went to high school with that went to college for four years and have a degree in something that cannot find a job.  Gee imagine that.  They all say while we are in school, "oh you better go to college" and "if you don't go to school, you will be sorry" but exactly how many people out went to school to get their degree that cannot find a job in what they went to school for?  I want to be a writer, in which I really don't need to go to school for.  I can work where I am working, granted it is not the best place to work, but its a job, until I get my writing the way I want it in order to get it published.  

I have the best family and friends in the world!  I love them all to death, from the bottom of my heart!  We all do so much together.  I can't wait until my husband and me can conceive and have a baby of our own, but right now we have two very beautiful twin girls who are ten years old.  They are our world!  Only thing is, we don't get to see them very often.  Just every other weekend, so we have to make the time with them that we have them count!  I also have the best parents and in-laws and grandparents and sisters in the world.  I would not trade any of my family for anything in the world.  

Just rambling.....

Another day, another blog.  I am not sure what to write about at the moment, so I am going to just keep writing and see what spills out.  
I just don't get people sometimes.  Well some people.  I am mostly talking about the people on the welfare system.  You know what?  I am sick in tired of supporting families and their children when they don't want to help themselves.  All some want to do is sit at home on their asses and watch tv and be couch potatoes instead of getting out there and actually trying to get a job.  I can see where some people need to be on it, but some other people are just rediculous.  You know, why don't these individuals have to take a drug test and pass before they get the help they need?  We as TAX paying citizens have to pass a drug test before we can have a job.  So why shouldn't they have to pass one for welfare?  I absolutly dislike people who take advantage of our system and government like that.  Granted, our government needs to open their eyes and see the whole picture and actually see who is taking advantage and who isn't, but still, people should have more respect for our country and its money to help individuals.  So I guess the moral of the story here is, "Why should we have to pass a drug test to get a job and people don't have to pass a drug test to get on welfare?"  I think that would solve a lot of our drug issues in this country if that happened because 50 percent of this country that is on welfare are mostly drug addicts just looking for their next fix.  If they weren't getting a free ride in this world, then would they actually get out there and find a job?  Probably not, but they would have to make money somewhere that would support their habit.  Something needs done before the drug addicts drain our society of our money and the people who actually want to help themselves can't anymore because there won't be any left.  

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Mamma 6 years ago

Here's an idea that Summer's teacher gave me for getting her to write in a journal....how about you sit down and write out 4 or 5 different topics...some of Summer's are, if I were a frog who lived in a pond I would..., so you make up these topics, and you put them in a hat and draw one out every week and write a sentence, in Summer's case, every day, about that subject. I thought about it, and it's not really all that easy!! try it!

cluense profile image

cluense 6 years ago from Cartersville, GA

I keep a journal of hub topics, everything I hear or read about, I just write them there. Then I play with the title, and just start writing. When I feel that I have a great title and subject material, I begin my internet research. I search for facts, videos and products to accompany my hub. Then I put it all together here on hub pages. I know it sounds like a lot of work. However, in order to add value to my readers, I feel that the above steps are worth it!


saraallen25 profile image

saraallen25 6 years ago Author

Thanks a lot you guys! That helps a lot. I think I will try it all! I love you mamma and cluense you sound like you have done this for a little while. Thanks again!

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