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I have a little bicycle

I like to ride it fast

I ride it on the driveway

And i ride it on the grass

Sometimes i do fall over

It hurts me quite a lot

But i get back up and try again

Because practise helps me stop

From the Author

Children love the idea of riding their bicycle, by themselves for the first time. I wrote this poem to help children, with the concept of falling.

Most children jump straight on, without even thinking of the consequences of falling. Some children will fall off and regardless of whether they have injured themselves or not, will get straight back on no problems.

Other children will fall off and burst into tears. They then develop a fear of falling off and will not be talked into getting back on easily :)If your child is having problems after a fall, stay relaxed and keep smiling :D If your child see's expressions of fear on your face, they will respond accordingly.

Keep smiling and take your child to find a nice piece of flat grass. Make your child put all of their safety gear on. Some children put up such a fuss over the safety gear. Explain to your child that the grass will be much softer, if they were to fall. Tell them you will be right by their side at all times.

Explain to them that they will be a Mega super bicycle rider :D with lots of practise. Remember just keep smiling at them and reassuring them, that it is ok.

Sometimes when our children are learning to do new things, we panic. Totally understandable but your child will pick up on that fear. Try not to verbalise your fear, when they are practising. If they look like they are going to fall, help them for sure but don't scream or gasp loudly. Instantly your child will lose focus and fall anyway because they will turn and look at you.

Just take a deep breath and hang in there with them, it will be over before you know it :)

Good luck with your childs first solo ride! I hope it is a smooth one :)

© 2011 skellie

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epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well I love the purity and simplicity in your writing - you can convey so much with so few well chosen words - and it entertains and enlightens the child and adult in all of us .....

....and thank you ever so much for visiting my humble hubspace and affording me with the honor and pleasure of your commentary .....

skellie profile image

skellie 5 years ago from Adelaide Author

Thanks, it was a real challenge, trying to keep it as simplistic as possible. The pictures took me forever, as drawing is not my forte but have progressed away from stick figures lol

Thankyou epigramman, always a pleasure :)

upasna 3 years ago

i love this poem very much

i think that this is the perfect poem for my holiday homework

skellie profile image

skellie 3 years ago from Adelaide Author

Thank you upasna. I am very glad that you enjoyed it. Are you a teacher or do you like to educate your children when your are on a holiday?

deomab 21 months ago

That's nice poem. I love it very much

skellie profile image

skellie 21 months ago from Adelaide Author

I appreciate the nice comments deomab. I have received a great response from my kids poems. Regards.

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