A change of heart - poem

Never drop your heart.

Never let it go.

Yes, someone may catch it,

But it's never for long...I know

There will be those,

Who put out their hands.

But everytime they will move them,

And your heart shatters into sand.

This time you won't bend down,

Hurt as you are,

Don't bother picking up the pieces,

Where your heart was, Is only a scar.

You swear never again,

And this time it's for real.

Nothing more to hold on to,

This time you don't want to heal.

This is best for you,

Finally you have learned.

If you just stay away from fire,

Theres no way you will get burned.

A shattered heart,

Won't go back together.

Just walk away from it.

Just think, no more hurting...ever.

No more heart to fall,

No shattering anymore.

This is it for you.

Just leave it on the floor.

Stop opening your tear flooded eyes,

It's only in your mind.

The one you dream loves you.

You will never find.

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jasper420 6 years ago

very well done realy enjoyed it thanks

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

...you have taken me here on a poetic journey of that most vulnerable and fragile of all human experiences - the affairs of the heart - in breathtaking and truthful detail that only a very good writer can do - and that very good writer is you Amy!

Lucy 3 years ago

This is beautifully written, but very wrong. We are loved. We are treasures. After experiences like that when we leave our heart on the floor, we become heartless. Please take this to hearPr

PoeticPhilosophy profile image

PoeticPhilosophy 3 years ago from Canada

This is a great poem, I love how people use experience and knowledge to help one another and include it there a poetry! Gold, I hope to hear more from you, your a favourited ;).

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