Need To Use Article Marketing?

How To Increase Your Page Rank Using Article Marketing

Any online business need traffic in order to be successful. And you can drive traffic to your website advertising it. There are many ways to advertise your products or services online or offline, and article marketing is the best method, considering that it is a free method and has multiple benefits.

Before there was far less competition in article marketing, fewer articles and it was working great. Today, if you want to have success with this method, you need to have strong sticky headlines and good content. Article marketing as advertising strategy is practiced by many individual doing business on the internet. However, only few writers boost their traffic with article marketing.

There are many methods which help you to promote your website on the Internet, such as search engine optimization, website directories submission, paid advertising, social networking, and there are all good, but none is so powerful and costless like the article marketing, the most effective way of driving qualified traffic to your website.

Without traffic you have no business because people don't know you exist. Article marketing brings you free targeted traffic because your articles will be read by people which are really looking for your products. They are surfing the web trying to find things that they are interested for, therefore those which are using your keywords in their queries will be pointed by the search engines to your articles.

Back links are very important if you want your website to do well in search engine listing results and to have a good page ranking. You need to create lots and lots of back links for that. It takes time and effort to do it, but think about that Google receives 3,000 search inquiries per second. The higher your page rank is, the higher the possibility to get free traffic from the search engines. Article marketing brings you a lot of quality back links, first, when you are publishing your articles in ezine directories with high page rank, second, when webmasters looking for content will publish your articles on their websites. All you have to do is to insert a link back to your website in the resource box of the article, and it's done.

Getting your articles syndicated is another great way that you can truly have success through article marketing. Syndication brings you a lot of free targeted traffic and back links when multiple websites, online newsletters, and blogs are posting your articles on their sites. Getting your articles syndicated is one of the biggest article marketing achievement. Make sure you publish your articles to those directories that have a high page rank and are used often by website owners to retrieve content. If your articles are good, your success is guaranteed.

The benefits of article marketing are ilimited. For more information visit my site, "Affiliate Marketing Step By Step". Until the next time I wish you good luck and may the Google be with you.

Article Marketing Versus Bum Marketing

Article marketing helps you to gain link popularity and online exposure to your own website. Why not set up your own website and settle a solid long time online business? This article is written for people who are looking to increase the benefits that they are getting from article marketing and to grow exponentially their business.

Bum Marketing, as it was initiated by Travis Sago, is teaching you to find a product into an affiliate directory, to set up a landing page (optional) and to write articles promoting that product and driving visitors to your landing page or linking directly to the merchant's sales page. The method is pretty efficient but the article marketing offers you much more possibilities to succeed online.

The purpose of article marketing is not different from other marketing strategies. Website promotion is crucial for all websites, you need to gain organic search engine rankings in order to increase your website traffic. Submitting your website to web directories, a proper search engine optimization, valuable back links are all factors which increase your website's visibility online, but article marketing does this more efficent than any other method.

Free targeted traffic is the key of any successful online business, and article marketing is the best method you can use for that. It's true that pay per click campaigns are delivering faster targeted traffic, but it's not free and is very risky. The competition is too tight and if you are new in the game your chances are very reduced. As a beginner Google limits you to a number of campaigns and keywords, while the older advertisers have no limit for that. There are marketers which are bidding on one million keyords for their campaigns and are spending ten thousands dollars daily. Feel free to compete with them.

Bum marketing brings you free targeted traffic, but it's only an action for the moment. Using article marketing in the right way, promoting your own website and your own business, you gain authority, popularity, high page rank and organic free targeted traffic.

When you build a website you are ranked for few keyword in the search engines. You can not stuff your website with keywords, otherwise you are penalized by the search engines. Article marketing gives you ilimited keywords possibilities. You can write an article for each keyword you want to use to promote your business and this will never affect your website.

Back links are links pointing to your website from external sites. The direct linking Bum Marketing will create back links to he merchant's website while you are struggling to write articles and to publish them. The correct used article marketing will help you to grow your own business, not others. If you publish your articles to ezine directories with high popularity you gain quality back links and the opportunity that your articles will be published and on other websites looking for quality content, which brings you more back links and more exposure.

Article marketing used proper can help you building a life time online business. Visit my site, "Affiliate Marketing Step By Step", for more information about article marketing.

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