no turning back now

I am swimming in the deepest water I have ever been in.

i am trying to reach the shore but the more I try the more I seem to drift away.

My heart is pounding I can hear it in my ears

i can taste the water

taste like the same damn water I have been drowning in for years

I put myself in this situation

I was just trying to live my life

now there is no turning back

and I am drowning in my mistakes

I know its not your fault and I never should have blamed the world for what I have done

as the water dragsĀ  me down I want you to know I am sorry

You should not try to save me I am too far gone

take a lesson from me

stay on the shore

do not get swept away

do not get in my problems or you will drown too

I am already lost and now there is no turning back

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TattoGuy 6 years ago

You my friend keep writing in 2010 ok and a Happy New Year to you, just brilliant as always !

beth1966 profile image

beth1966 6 years ago from Michigan

Chrissie keep up the good work, your poem takes my breath away.

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