No One But Me


No one knows about the pain

I felt no knows about the ice

burgs that melted away from

my once bitter cold soul, tell

me why do you look at me

and still see my past, is the

needle in my eye more

pleasing to you than your

own pain who are you to

decide if I have changed, why should I have to wait around to

see if I stand a chance to regain the happiness that I once lost, my own pain

may not be as great as yours but never the less it’s real,  because I wake up to

it each and every day plus it holds me close  whenever I go to sleep, so please

stop throwing my shattered past at me, I know I was wrong for the mistakes I

made but it I see that it was a clear sign , that they were meant to happen after

all just look at who I have become,  see I have focus now because my past has

been removed, that’s why I carry myself the way I do acting all brand new,

see no one was there when he saved me and took the time to rearrange me so

when you speak to me please talk, from what you see not from who I used to

be, because you will never know the pain I felt when my life was in discontent

plus all the pain that came from realizing that, it was time to stop playing

games and keep it real with myself, because I knew I was lying to no one but me.  

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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