An ode to the fallen


Whilst I stand in the Sun,

Followed by my darker companion,,

I look to the dazzling flames,

That fail to rejuvenate my shattered remains..

Minutes turn to hours,

Hours bleed to days..

Times flash back as each living moment pass..

Memories that I don't own anymore..

For the past that was not purely mine...

For the days I shared with my love...

I don't wish to strain my eyes..

All the wishes withheld,

not all are ever fulfilled..

For all we are, are fragments of creation..

Often condemned to pain on the treacherous paths..

I walk in rain..where no one will see my tears..

And the drops shall shine,

The whole world curled in the tiny one...

All except me..

I cheer still...not all the nights are ever solitary...

Awaiting a spring, that will perhaps never ome...

Birds don't fancy my windows anymore..

They prefer to fly..but I haven't been so bold..

If you wanted to break my heart,

You could have rather asked..

Gladly I would have given..for all times to come..

You always had a greater right..

I would have left it at your mercy...

and live without it somehow...

Then losing you,

And live lifeless, forever after...

Standing beyond my own reflection..

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