I view the world cotton white speckled with the dirt off filth, how I wonder the elite live upon there speckled hills?.

I hear the war machines engines roaring violent towards mankind's decay, while on my own mission serenely longing for the end of days.

Some times it feels time is forever, it feels forever will never come, some times it feels mankind has done as much damage as can be done.

I view the world in beauty and glory, yet I see it's murk and pain, I can taste the sweet of life's wine and feel the soot it leaves on the brain.

I do not hear angels singing, I see nothing god like in this place, all I see is demons marching waring mankind's meaty face.

Here mankind sits in melancholy, clueless to his moral follies, upright standing feeling good about nothing that he should.

Hasty mankind try's to rise from the earth into the sky's, mankind won't stop he seeks success to bring the heavens evilness.

Inside my soul my spirit cry's for the heavens in the sky, when this world withers man won't be done he will pollute planets beyond the sun.

Someday death will call my number, I will not wake out of my slumber, my currents will race really fast, into a future beyond this past, into a state of peacefulness, into a state of peace filled bliss.

I know when I go what I say may matter, so let me state world of the latter, the world it can not take no more being treated as a whore.

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Darknlovely3436 profile image

Darknlovely3436 5 years ago from NewYork

love the tone of the poem

keep on writing Weese

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