pagan Magpies

The darkness is rising like an angry flame,

it's power to turn your day to night,

there's only you to blame,

you try to hold on tightly,

your grip becomes so weak,

your speech begins to slur,

you mumble then can't speak,

your eyes cast an angry stare,

as you try to avoid your plight,

now you stand alone,

the watcher of the night,

magpies circle overhead,

screeching as they claw,

pagan symbols filled with dread,

scratched upon the floor,

terror shrieks has you blind,

as clouds toss and turn,

spells from the sacred book,

are cast before they burn,

light within a sphere,

turn around drift from here,

go beyond the place of dreams,

bathe within the crystal stream.

they call me the wanderer,

over hill and plain,

in search of the doorway,

from whence I came,

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mariefontaine profile image

mariefontaine 5 years ago from Indianapolis, Indiana

Beautifully dark. I love this piece.... I think these words are begging to become lyrics...

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