Poem About Nature - Rain From God

I Am Rain
I Am Rain

Poem about Nature - Rain From God

I am dotted silver threads descending from above,

High up in the heavens is where I come.

I am a blessing from the God above,

I am a part of nature to adorn her beautiful fields and gardens.

I am beautiful pearls send to embellish all,

When I cry the hills and valleys laugh.

When I humble myself all life rejoice,

When I bow, all things are elated.

The earth and clouds are lovers,

In the midst of them I am.

I am as a messenger of mercy,

I quench the thirst of all,

I cure many ailments even deep within.

The voice of thunder declares my coming,

The rainbow shows my departure.

I sustain life on earth,

I emerge from the surface of the sea and soar with any breeze.

When I see a field or garden in need,

I descend upon all and embrace flowers and trees,

To quench and nourish in a billion little ways.

My touch is gentle at the window as soft fingers,

My coming is a welcoming song all can hear.

But only those who are sensitive,

Can understand my sound and why I am here.

The heat that's in the atmosphere gives birth to me,

But in turn I will destroy it with all my millions of little energy.

As a woman who overcomes a man,

With the strength she takes from him.

I am the sigh of the endless sea,

The laughter of the beautiful fields.

The tear drops of heaven, showers upon thee,

Behold I AM RAIN.

© Copyright David Beepathsingh

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Comments 6 comments

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

How very beautiful. It is pouring here today. I'm sure it will help us when the hot summer arrives. Thank you.


Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Always exploring

Thank you for your lovely comment.

I guess you read this poem by inspiration!

Yes the rain will surely help us for the hot summer.


Scarface1300 profile image

Scarface1300 5 years ago

Inspirational and thought provoking poetry. Living in the UK I am no stranger to it, and at times feel I could do without it. But it should be stressed that we would all be lost without it and this is emphasised beautifully by this glorious little poem. Well done I loved it.

Poetry to me should make a person think and this certainly delivers in that department.

Applause to you from me.

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Scarface1300

Your comment is highly appreciated and yes even though at times we feel like we can do without rain, we'll be lost and disastrous without it ;)

Thank you for paying me an inspiring visit and for your applause.

Take care and stay bless.


Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 years ago from Georgia

With wonderful imagery and interesting personification, I was delighted with your poem. I voted this up and beautiful!

Sharon Douglas profile image

Sharon Douglas 5 years ago from GA, United States Author

Hello Ebower

I am glad to hear you are delighted with my poem.

Thank you for visiting, commenting, voting up and beautiful ;)

Take care.

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