Poem - Caterpillar

I have been a caterpillar for a number of years

and now once again

metamorphosise to butterfly

though the chill wind of rejection will kill

I flutter hither and thither

in search of warmth

just the simple act of interest alone

no mandatory means test

no fashion interrogation

no background check

just a little chemical exchange

the virus of ideas inserting itself

into our future



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Coral 9 years ago

This is lovely. I love this very unique turn of phrase part:

the virus of ideas inserting itself into our future

Please visit my poems at www.coralpoetry.blogspot.com



Drax profile image

Drax 9 years ago from NYC.... Author

Coral,thank you for the comment Coral, I must go and read yours at Blogspot however you should start a hub and then link outward to your blog of other site of yours. This is more elegant since it can be a hyperlink and your readers are following on to read more of your work...Regards Drax

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