Poem - Queen Vespawoolf

Vespawoolf commented on one my Hubs and in looking at her fantastic recipes the lines of this poem occurred to me :-)



I could hear the vespa woolf coming

the rustle of the children scattering

making room for the long line

forming in the plaza

we licked our lips in anticipation of

Homemade Butter Caramels with Himalayan Pink Salt

the English muffins were off the menu

we’d all had enough of their imperialism

the nervous energy palatable

all remembering the crazy biding wars for

Dark Chocolate Bark with Carmelized Nuts & Pink Salt

We caught our breath at the memory of Cusco

the chew of the coca and the soft haze of prescience

the foretelling of the coming of Queen Vespawoolf

her calorie soldiers conquering all


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vespawoolf profile image

vespawoolf 4 years ago from Peru, South America

Drax, I don't know how I missed this one! I'm so flattered that a great poet dedicated a poem in my honor. : ) Voted up and, of course, shared! Thank you so much.

Drax profile image

Drax 4 years ago from NYC.... Author

Hey Vespa... it was such a pleasure to write about your wonderful creations so I am very glad you liked it.. :-)

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