Poem - Suicide Dogs

the wind scream ruffled my hair

stopping me in my tracks

I whined almost incoherently

Overtoun Bridge called to me

I turned

the taste of the warm fire forgotten

a zombie dog I padded down

to the crack in the world

my humans oblivious to the wound

I offer my body to the dyke

though pained at the tag

..nameless suicide dog..




I read a story by jimmythejock about the dogs jumping off Overtoun Bridge, hence this poem.. thanks Jimmy..


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jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 10 years ago from Scotland

thanx drax your poem captures the athmosphere i was trying to create.....jimmy

Drax profile image

Drax 10 years ago from NYC.... Author

thanks Jimmy, it's a fascinating story, lot of dread in there...

awsome 9 years ago

yea jimmy thanks for the mean websight your cruel like the devil in you it shows oh yea it shows we can see it meanie.oh yea Jimmy that sSanta hat your wearing in your picture doesent cover up you're Horn we can see them we ca see them!

Mad 9 years ago

Hey Drax of course you would like to write a peom about that suiced dogs. ofcourse because you would love to write about stuff that makes peoples stomach turn. i can see that your just as messed up as Jimmy. thanks for giving us a heads up Drax weird name just saying.

Drax profile image

Drax 9 years ago from NYC.... Author

you know what Mad, just fuck off... who are you, a nameless faceless person who has nothing to say, you have no profile here so you are no-one so again fuck off Mad, just fuck off, find another hole to crawl into....


ps: learn to spell

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