Poem - Sedona Skin

Connie Lane talked about the red hills of Sedona in her profile and then one day I went to look at them, virtually.... the lines of this poem occurred to me...

so hey thanks Connie...


Connie Lane said;-

'the beautiful red rocks of Sedona'

and I thought yeah right

reading the tourist soundbytes I play along -

humming yes dear yes dear

but then the virus of the idea multiplied and expanded

and I succumbed


iron horses dancing in the sun

little god children pouring rock castles


and then a gash on my page

their age obvious in the line-up

one tiny irrelevant human weighs in at 75

or thereabouts

and in the other corner from Sedona Arizona

- the red hills 15 million years or so

- undefeated


yes folks read all about it


the human found herself scaled

to better reflect the age difference

and we lost her

honey I shrunk the human

then a really cool vortex called to me

and I forgot all 75 years of my previous existence


wind carved in the skin of Sedona

time whispers names

the circle of stone

the circle of stone



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IĆ°unn 9 years ago

it's good to read you again and I love this one. miss you, I did.

Moonmaiden profile image

Moonmaiden 9 years ago from Lucerne Valley, CA

So glad to see you posting again. It's amazing how red the rocks are in AZ/Utah.

connie lane profile image

connie lane 9 years ago from Sedona

WOW! For once I am speechless and thank you. Beautiful!

Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco

It's nice to see you back, Drax. Poetry has been lacking lately without you! ;)

Drax profile image

Drax 9 years ago from NYC.... Author

thanks very much to everyone for the lovely comments...

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