Poetry is My Mistress

How do I balance the life I want to have with the one that I need, I sat down and

Listened to them both I know I can meet both their needs but neither one wants

To agree to share me.


It seems that I must choose which one I want to lose the pen I write poetry with or

My girl it really is a hard choice but I feel I have to decide, why can’t my girl

Understand that poetry does things for me that people just cannot do I know it 

Might sound strange but my girl feel that poetry is my mistress.


For the reason that I give poetry parts of my beat up soul, what my girl fails to

See is that when I do this poetry does not say a word about how she feels,

Poetry does not care if I am weak or strong, rich or poor she will still open her

Arms to me.


With my girl if I am having a bad day it always seems to affect her mood, see with

Poetry I have comfort shelter as well as so much inner peace, she is not just a hobby

Poetry is my life after all she saved me when the drugs as well as the drinking tried

To take me over.


She wrapped my cold naked wet soul up in her arms I tell you poetry is heaven sent

Never have I heard you could not do this, poetry allows me to see my strengths plus helps

Me to help myself improve where I am weak.


My girl has her moments don’t get me wrong, but this thing between poetry and me is

Way too strong, personally I feel that what I do with poetry is not wrong so why should

I have to choose.


After all poetry will one day pay for the life my girl wants to live, but I know that there

Won’t be a thank you or any type of formal apologies made to poetry all because my

Girl would still see poetry as mistress to me.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

lovely poem thanks

browneyes60 profile image

browneyes60 6 years ago


Ms. Awesome! 6 years ago

Poetry IS your Mistress :)

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