is love truly

supposed to be pure

or is it filled

with this much hurt

this pain leaves me feeling

empty but free

it cannot be love

hate is filling my void


withdrawn and sad

sounds more like love

it captured my heart

more importantly

my mind

now a deep scar

it leaves behind

now i have come

to the end of this bumpy road

i endure nothing but disgust

and loathe


my thoughts abode

unsure exactly where

to place the blame

my stupidity

or the way you did me

we will never know

i refuse to let it show

lots of times i wanted to cry

a hundred and one times my heart

failed to thrive

my soul i guess you left that alive

although barely

every day is a battle

yet still i try

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Ashleymckinnon profile image

Ashleymckinnon 5 years ago from Coleman, WI

Wow, how heart-wrenching. Great job!

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