Only You

No she's off
My beloved ;
Where 're you
Leaving me alone ,
Your comparison
Only You
There is no analogy !
You 're deep in the heart of
Become my absolute soul
Why do not the chest ;
You are my past
You are my present
I hope that the
And some do not want to !
Throughout the life of a great drought
I 'd love more than
I told you everything
Why so many wailing reality !
Wait wait
Breath talks to me is ,
Am Thine chance !
What the I liked
When I am next to you
So the storm passed over my life,
After eight years of
When you 're beside
For me;
And when you occasionally
Saw your own existence ;
Had weakened to you
Your understanding of the mind
Allah knows the truth!
I never forgotten you ,
I could not move you away from the heart !
Lost relative to forward direction
I'm too weak that herbs ;
I'm still alive
Remainder of the time
He's hoping to get you !
When dreams are broken ,
That is ,
When you are losing,
Is nothing ,
My universe that is filled with darkness
The head of the rails ,
If he touches you , like a bad
Served by some ,
Understand Neo -beloved
That you love very much ! !

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Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

Gypsy Rose Lee 2 years ago from Riga, Latvia

Dreams are worth holding onto.

Rosely 2 years ago

Great lover

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