red angel


Red Angel


Jan 10



Your forever tomorrow came again not today

I am not surprised

I blink in slow motion and smile

Because I have nothing to lose, even less to prove.


Your jaded heart meets a brave one

Lovelorn and long away lochs

Of which you know nothing

And you again risk disappointment and derision.


Did your worship

Find a god of flaming tresses

Or is it another false prophet

You denied three times?


Is this is all there is,

This series of insipid misnomers, stupid misdemeanours and cupid near-misses?

Not that it matters or so you tell yourself.

And not that I care, but do you care to dance?


There were other pretenders to the throne

That abdicated before their coronation.

It was a rational inner-national disgrace and we stiffened upper lip to save face.

And now from the shadows comes creeping hope and slit-eyed caution.


The past winters of discontent

Have killed the buds and blooms but have not hardened

The kernel of other possibilities that lay open

And yet again I stand at the door to let in all my tomorrows

All their cosmic nooks of infinite possibilities

And woe-begone slashed and dried sorrows.

If love be war and it is I do beseech.

Then truth is the first casualty…



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blake4d profile image

blake4d 6 years ago from Now Rising Out of Phoenix Arizona Earthlings

Love this hub. Great work. Keep on Hubbing. Blake4d

kaleem raja profile image

kaleem raja 6 years ago from luton, england Author

o thank you so much. i am a new hubber and you are the first to comment on anything i have here published. thankyou , it means a lot to me.

profile image

jasmin21 4 years ago

Wonderful amd interesting... Althougn it is hope that's the first casualty...

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