Tears of Love - poem

The letter


The letter I would write to him,

The letter I would write and probably should,

Will never be written,

It will never be understood.

It would say how I saw to him today,

And could do nothing but glare,

How all the feelings came back to me,

But it’s not like he would care.

I would write about the hurt,

The hurt I was feeling no more,

But how I'd take him back again,

But what would he pay mind to that for?

I could say the things I never said,

But why even try?

It would mean nothing to him,

And I would just break down and cry.

In this letter I would write a lot,

Mostly about the things I didn’t say,

Maybe about confusion and sadness,

But also about how I still feel to this day.

I think I'll write this letter,

And then throw it away,

What he did with our relationship,

I'll do with the words I didn’t say...

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epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

......this is a very affecting piece of writing for me - I was quite moved by it - and it's a particular subject in which you need just simple words to convey such strong feelings ....... and you have done a masterful job of realizing this ......

AmyTaylor profile image

AmyTaylor 6 years ago Author

these both were pretty intestering for me and my writing, almost like a whole new emotion. A change from my usual spiraling of words for sure! Thanks for the comment!

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