Scariest Moment of My Life

Intro About Short Story

Hello Friends This Is A Short Story Of My Life....In This Story I M Going To Tell You The Scariest Moment Of The My Life...How I Get Met That Moment And How I Tackle That Moment...What Happen To Me.....How I Feel And What Happen At Last.....So Friends Dare To Do It....Everyone...But I Can't Once Again In My Life.

Moment That Scared Me

Once there was a boy that's me who is standing at bus stand and waiting for bus. After 1 hour bus didn't come so I inquired at inquiry counter one old man is sitting their said that bus will come at 4:00 P.M... I decide to sit on a rod of iron......watching here and there, waiting for bus. Time is passing on and on but the bus didn't come. Once again I went to the inquiry counter and ask the same old man when bus will come for that place. Then that old man replied that the bus for which you are waiting is delayed. So I ask him when next bus will come. He replied at 2:00 a.m.

After listening to his word once I thought that go back to my room and come later at 1:00 a.m. but my other side of mind is saying that if you go back to your room you can't be able to come back at 1:00 A.M, because I am tired too much. If you went to your room then you will definitely sleep there. After talking too much to my inner side I decided not to go back to my room. It is already 8:00 p.m. I tried to being sitting there so I decided to have some coffee. So I went to near restaurant looking at menu I order one coffee with toast and butter. Meanwhile to pass time I started surfing internet from my phone after few minutes waiter came to me and said your order. I said thanks. After having my toast and coffee I decided to wonder here and there until few hours not passed. So I started wondering here and there time is passed on and on. Then I looked at my watch it is already 12:00 and I decided go back to bus stop otherwise police man may create seen with me.

So now I am back at bus stop. I don't have anything's to I decided to sit on bench of bus eyes are also burning because of sleep......last night also I seeped late night.

Night seen of bus stop is very silent one or two buses are running. Peoples are sleeping on the floor of bus stop. In a meanwhile time I show a beautiful girl few meters away from me she is also sitting on a bench I think so she is also waiting for bus. She is alone I started staring at her. She is also looking at me...I looked her...she also looked at me......whole night we are staring each other. Nothing happen and at around 1:30 her bus came and she went into the bus and once I went alone. The moment in which I m staring her and she stared me time pass very quickly. Now I am getting bored of wait and praying to god that please send my bus as early as you can.

At 2:00 a.m once again I went to the inquiry counter to ask when bus will come he answered that at 2:20 a.m. I said ok...... in meanwhile time I seen my bus on its last I seen my bus but bus is almost full and everybody is sleeping in the bus. I got one sheet and shitted there. after few minutes passed driver come into the bus with conductor...conductor asked me were I tell him the location.....he noted in his machine and given ticket to me and I paid him..And my journey started......

I am feeling sleep so I didn't remember when I got slept....I suddenly wake up as I noticed that bus is stopped near a restaurant and I look at my clock it is 3:00 a.m. the place where bus is halted is very near to my town...I went outside the bus have some snacks, cigarette with tea. after few minutes bus started and started waiting for my destination which will come shortly...but I am also tensed of that how will I reach home from that town...from that town my home is around 4 km and at that time there is very less possibility of getting some rickshaw's just leave it to god and waited for my stop. After few minutes passed I reach at my destination.

I went outside the bus looking for rickshaw or any other vehicles...I am looking here and there....asking people which are sitting on bench near bus stop. But they said that it is impossible to get rickshaw at this what can I do in such situation...I thought for few minutes then decided to walk and reach at home. So I started walking from that bus stop toward my home...I completed one journey and moving toward second.

I am walking thought the street were some lights are lighting but few step I walked the street lights get over the dark circle of night came in front of my eye and I have to pass that dark circle for reaching my home. I am walking alone nobody with me on that night...night is dark dark and dark. Then also I continue to my walk......I feel scary but I agreed to my heart and mind that keeps walking your destination is near. I continue to my walk after walking few K.M there is a bridge between that town and my village.

When I reached near of that bridge my heart beat increased. I continued to walk through the bridge...after few step I walked of bridge I suddenly listen the sound of anklet of lady. I turn back...I scared too much after looking back there is no body on my backside. I started walking again and that sound to anklet is continuously ringing in my ear but I didn't turn back. I tell to my mind that keep walking nobody is there. My whole shirt and pant get wait due to sweat then also I dared to continue to walk. I really get scared by that incident... continually walking and walking without turning back at last I reached my home. When I reached my home and tell to my mom.

My mom scolds me. As i said you earlier not to come at know that bridge is graveyard of so many from next time don't come late night. this time you all understand that this incident is the scarcest moment of the life...I can't be able to explain you how I my feeling when I am passing through that bridge after listening to the sound of anklet...I really scared by that moment I decided never ever in future I will come at night...

Thanks friends for being part of my sacred moment...I think you may like my explanation.

Thank You All


Hello Friends if there is any mistake in my English Writing then you are free to inform me. if you find any mistake then please tell me in my guestbook..I will definitely change it. Thanks For Your Visit

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