season to taste.

I saw a spring.

And from its depths.

Icy life flowed upwards .

I saw a summer.

And from the sun.

Eden like gardens grew.

I saw a fall.

And from its grace.

Butterfly's arose an flew.

I felt a winter.

That left all frozen.

Saddened lips turned blue.





Four sets of four.

Four fours.


Seems I've gotten lost.

In the season.

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cloudy_cool profile image

cloudy_cool 4 years ago from London, UK

season to taste...

taste is all we can really do for a season,

completely savour we cannot,

for hours fly by like it has no reason,

and time will turn not...

Voted up!!!!!


Time2Spare profile image

Time2Spare 4 years ago from Richmond, Virginia

A nice poem.. and a catch title too.. season to taste.. voted up..

Shady 4 years ago

Awesome High, thanks for sharing hun HUGGZ

always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

Beautiful. I love all the seasons and your poetry...

prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 4 years ago from US

Nice to read some poetry from you again!

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

vivid captures the imagination...

Awful Poet profile image

Awful Poet 4 years ago from The Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) (m-M)_0 = 18.41, or 48 kpc (~157,000

Such joy this had brought me, What it is to be lost!

Akriti Mattu profile image

Akriti Mattu 20 months ago from Shimla, India

nice post

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