secrets of the heart

Secrets of the heart

From the moment l saw you,

l always liked you,

l wooed you aggressively,

in my heart,

You are mine, definitely,

well Bab's, as l said,

l don't know how it happened,

Somethings just happen,

Somethings cannot be explained,

You are the only one,

Remember? You used to give me the

hard times,

l waited for the right time,

and you finally came into my life,

the one l waited and wanted,

to be my wife.

Your hands feel warm to touch,

So enjoy your kisses, while they last,

You are so far away,

And yet so near,

That you are dear to my heart,

It is such a wonderful feeling,

While you play with my hair,

You and I caught in a tangled

Love Affair.

I would like to talk to you always,

And in your ears sweet whispers,

That you have me now dear

Kisses on the forehead,

Kisses to wipe your tears

And with regards to our unique


With a ‘Ona Can’ beer,

It’s time to say cheers!


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