sense of humor : Importance of fun, humor and jokes in love

Sense Of Humor : Fun, Humor and Jokes

Sense of humor : Importance of fun, humor and jokes in love and relationships
Sense of humor : Importance of fun, humor and jokes in love and relationships

Sense of humor - Importance of fun, humor and jokes in love

For every relationship to be a successful one, we must need two light hearts and a little dose of daily fun and a good sense of humor help a lot to keep a relationship healthy. A relationship demands lots of responsibilities, commitments, understanding and flexibility. You have to build and maintain relationship. It is not automatically built. To keep a relationship healthy and to add spice into it, sense of humor is the most important part. No body is perfect in this world and things might get wrong in relationship. But if you both know how to laugh when things go wrong, then it acts like a magic. A little bit of flirting is necessary in day to day boring life to bring some varieties into a relationship and a good sense of humor is a must for this.

Have you ever wondered about how to develop your sense of humor? Sense of humor is nothing but to look into life in a positive way but obviously with a touch of smile into it. Sense of humor does not mean not to be serious about a problem but to accept and tackle the problem with great ease and with a smiling face. To develop sense of humor, you need to change your perspective to see things in life. In most of the problems we become very serious and always think it's now the most important twist in our life and we seriously look into it to tackle and blame ourselves that we are unlucky that it happens with us. But this is not the case. If we look into problems in a different perspective that it's also a part of life and if we can tackle it with a positive outlook then it can be solved with great ease. When you look at things with a sense of humor perspective, it enables you to have a remarkable capacity to control how you see the things that are going on in your life. You cannot control the external events in your life, but you can control how you look at them.

The first thing to develop a sense of humor is to take yourself lightly. Whatever serious the problem is, a sense of joy should be there with you. It's not easy but not impossible. The root form of humor is umar in Latin. It means to be fluid and flexible like water. humor is also same. It’s staying flexible so you don’t get broken by the difficulties you confront. Being flexible enables your creative mind to stay open so that you can still come up with solutions even in painful situations. This is called the sense of humor.

To develop a great sense of humor, first take a paper and a marker. Make a list of all the things that make you happy apart from your serious work. It is sounding easy but I bet it is not so easy while you start writing. Make a list of things that make you real happy and put a smiley beside that. Now experiment in real life. From situation to situation, try to apply those things as per your list to suit into the specific problem category and tackle it that way. You will be amazed to see the outcome. Problem will not be a problem any more.

Apart from this, read jokes. Play clean funny pranks. There are various funny jokes on different situations of life. Try to implement some of them if you are also in similar kind of situation. Share good jokes with friends and with lover. Remember, you can hurt or you can make anyone cry easily but making a person laugh is difficult. It's an art. If you can do so, you can win the hearts of many people.

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Laura du Toit profile image

Laura du Toit 6 years ago from South Africa

We all need a bit of laughter in ourlives.

Good hub!

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