she breathes

like a horse after a good ride . You pat her on the neck affectionately with approval .

there is a common preception of size between human and animal that allows you to feel recognised when you communicate . why is it that the ground beneath our feet is different?

She breathes.

if we think we go unnoticed because of the difference in size , we dont.

a simply communication or a pat of affection saying good job done would be just as kindly

received as one to a steed after a good ride . the perception from creature to human is the same.

because she breathes.

shes growing every day. she is her own living creature and needs to be told by her riders good job done . pat the ground like a steeds neck and tell her good ride my friend

because she breathes.

she is our planet earth.

blue planet


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penny90041 profile image

penny90041 7 years ago Author

to all my friends at green peace keep fighting the good fight

light love and magic penny cabot

lisa 5 years ago

hello lovely penny!!! so nice to hear your voice here..

i hope i run into you soon at the shop..happy birthday to your mom and benjamin says *hi*

love you!!

penny90041 profile image

penny90041 5 years ago Author

Hi Lisa Hi Benjamin I will tell her. love you both, and see you soon .

Sonja101 4 years ago from White River


You inspire me so much, I love the idea that you are witch. and even more that you are the daughter of one of the greatest witches. I hope you enjoy walking in your mothers foot steps, because i would have been so proud to do so.

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