Childs Eye Veiw

These are several random short poems I wrote back in 1996. Hope they are enjoyable.      


    Untitled # 1
Long silken strands like molten gold
enshrining the face of pure beauty
skin of ivory hue pale in the noon sun
enhancing ethereal desires  unseen


Am I what you imagined from how I acted,
from how I sounded,from my persona
Do I meet your expecttions of how I look,
of how I act,of my true self
Did I fool you with my words,
with my ways, with my id
Or am I allthat I seemed by what I said,
by what I did, by what I was
              My love

My love for you grows each passing day
Despite the turmoil and hardships we face
My hunger for you grows each passing moment
Gnawing  from the inside trying to reach you
My passion and desire increase over time
Wanting to prove my total faith in you 
My excitement mounts as opur meeting nears
Anxious to hold you and enjoy your love for me

            Childs eye view

Strangers like drops of rain in the ocean
pass me by not seeing nor caring if i die 
Friends and others laugh at me while i cry
loneliness building inside reaching its peak
But wait... a friendly voice
a smilng face coming towards me
Is it? Could it be!yes..
its a puppie just for me.

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CheyenneAutumn profile image

CheyenneAutumn 6 years ago

Nice - I really am glad you got started here -- Keep going!

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