A Few Short Christmas Poems I Like

Merry Christmas!

Christmas will be here before we know it. One thing for sure we can count on it arriving every year. December 25th whether we like it or not. Christmas has always been a time to share fun love, laughter, old memories and make new memories with our family and friends.

While sitting around the fireplace, living room area, gait room, outside roasting marshmallows, taking photos, telling old stories... whatever your family delight, add a few short Christmas poems I like to your memorable event.



christmas morning i

got up before the others and


naked across the plank

floor into the front

room to see grandmama

sewing a new

button on my last year


Carol Freeman

A Bell


Had I the power

To cast a bell that should from some grand tower,

At the first Christmas hour,

Outring, And Fling

A jubilant message wide,

The forged metals should be thus allied:

No iron Pride,

But soft Humility, and rich-veined Hope

Cleft from a sunny slope;

And there should be

White Charity,

And silvery Love, that knows not Doubt or Fear,

To make the peal more clear;

And then to firmly fix the fine alloy,

There should be Joy!

Clinton Scollard

The Rich Boy's Christmas


And now behold his sulking boy,

His costly presents bring no joy,

Harsh tears of anger fill his eye

Tho' he has all that wealth can buy.

What profits it that he employs

His many gifts to make a noise?

His playroom is so placed that he

Can cause his folks no agony.



Mere worldly wealth does not possess

The power of giving happiness.

Ellis Parker Butler (1869 - 1937)

Thank You for coming to my hub. Please let me know if you like the poems. If you have any short Christmas poems you like, please feel free to add them here.  Thanks again. 

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htodd profile image

htodd 5 years ago from United States

Great poem

BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago Author

Hello htodd, Thanks for taking the time out to leave such a kind comment. Have a great Holiday season and an awesome New Year!

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