Sorry It All Can't Be So Rosey And Sweet

Masses of distractions

Consume your lives

And for our first trick

Bend over all of you

And take it up the tailpipe

A thousand beehives

I bet you all wish you were cats

Each with nine lives

Well I wish it were true

So I could dog you

And sever each with fine knives

It'd be catastrophic

A cataclysm of all your insides

Spilled out in the street

Tons of rotting meat

Just attracting the flies

Sorry it all can't be

So rosey and sweet

If it were

These words and your eyes

Would never meet

Instead there'd be more people

I'd love to know and greet

And there wouldn't be so much

Madness, destruction, and deceit

But it's all good now

You earned your wings

Here's a treat

Don't end up like one of them

Drowning out

Deep in six feet.

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always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

Ouch, Feeling a bit down today? Cheer up, it will be better tomorrow...

Christopher Dapo profile image

Christopher Dapo 5 years ago from Havelock, NC Author

The troubles of the world go round and round, and when it stops, no one knows. But it can't be quick enough.

Thanks for the support, Always Exploring. Not exactly a bad day per say, just a bad year, one right after the other, but, at least this year, my independance is finally happening, and that's priceless - and nobody can take that away! :D

Still, the fight goes on...

Hey, it can't rain all the time, right?! ;)

- Christopher

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

No, the rain must go away. The sun will shine bright today. I wish you much happiness and whatever fight is going on will get lost. Yea..

mljdgulley354 profile image

mljdgulley354 5 years ago

Hope things look up for you. Sad poem

Christopher Dapo profile image

Christopher Dapo 4 years ago from Havelock, NC Author

Thanks you two, best wishes to both of you. Nothing like working your butt off for a job and they can you over some supposed dumb policy. Didn't help that the guy who fired me was using racial slures to address me (which is also against policy, it's right here in black and white).

If you understand where I'm coming from, and feel the same rage, then awesome - I'm not saying I'd do anything stupid, but being upset is still my right, and yours too.


Oh well, time to write more!


- Chris

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