She swears and she screams

up and down

left and right

she will never be with him again

Not a man who cant take her seriously

But can take her every night

But she doesn’t have the power

Or the courage

To move on

She cries


She screams

There isn't much left

But now on this day she finds the courage

She walks out that door

With tears in her eyes

She looks back

Only for a moment

But long enough to remember all the good times

But then she remembers all the bad

And her scars start aching

She walks down that street

She doesn’t know where she's going

But she knows she has to leave him and never go back

She steps into a kitchen

serving soup to the lost and hungry

She turns and walks away

But moments latter she returns

And asks if she can help

And as she serves soup to the poor and the weak

The young the old

She sees people in horrible states

and thinks

I had it just as bad

Until I walked away

But even as she thinks that she sees a man

He's young but scarred

Not outside

But on the inside

He wont ask for soup he's sitting in a corner


She brings him a bowl

He thanks her and eats slowly

She turns to leave

But looks back and sees him crying

And asks him what's wrong

He weeps head in his hands

No ones ever cared enough to bring me soup

She smiled and said

Well how about I sit and talk with you a bit

He smiles up at her through his tears

She sits and they talk

And that day together they walk into a place

For people like them

With no where else to go


Looking for help



And as they walk toward the people there

They take their first steps into a future

Different from what they’ve done before

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Dee42 profile image

Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

So touching and beautiful. Great hub, voted up.

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