Stay at Home Mommy

A Full Time Job

Here it is now twelve noon,

my chance to sit is soon.

I stay at home you know,

although, the dirt in my house still shows.

So why should things be a mess,

of course, I know you jest!

The children can play through the day,

toys at times, get put away.


The dishes are done,

what’s that you say, its time to run!

So off to the store we go,

our dollies are in tow.

This trip should not take long.

up and down the aisle we shop,

with a list in hand, we know where to stop.


I’d better check the dryer,

without fail, the clothes pile grows higher!

I hear the call from the kitchen my kids ask, “whats ya fixin”?

They like to help prepare, our evening supper fare.


Plentiful is our food,

there is always something good,

be it cupcakes, home made cookies,

roast in the pan, a pot full of stew,

hot bread from the oven, store bought candy to chew,

My children are well nourished

and will continue to flourish.


Some say my children do without, I started to think could it be?

Let me run through a list and see if you agree…

clothes on their back fit them well,

there are play clothes, Sunday clothes,

school clothes and night clothes,

all clean and ready to wear.

Toys are both old and new,

plenty to go around even to share!

Sometimes I think of an outside job and hire a nanny,

to clean and take care of my family.

I’d miss time to bond and play,

I know they won’t be home forever to stay.

As a mom who chose to stay at home,

At times it feels, I stand alone.

The opinions of peers,

can sometime bring tears.

They don’t understand my submission to God,

how important that for Him, I do a good job.

Twenty two years later.

Today, twenty two years since the birth of my fisrt of two wonderful children, I can say it was worth every minute.

To be there for your children is a blessing for you and your family.  Being able to witness, logging your memory the milestones of their life, from first steps to learning to read is priceless!

The peace of knowing your children are in your loving care is every mothers want.

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Timely profile image

Timely 6 years ago from United States Author

Winsome, thank you for your wonderful comments. Time vested has paid off. My now young adults and I are best friends and very close. Through those years I have many mental snapshots of the precious time we shared:)

Thank you for stopping by. Thanks also for the alert on "Think out of the box"

Winsome profile image

Winsome 6 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

I applaud you timely. Even though I'm a working dad, I had the privilege of having both my sons work with me in a family publishing business and I wouldn't trade that every day interaction for anything. By the way, you were a working mom, you were working for God as a full time steward of the two gifts He entrusted to you. You didn't bury them in the ground (a nanny), you invested yourself into them and time will only tell how much return on the investment you will have earned for the One who lent them to you. =:)

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