Teasing Nature

A soft whispering breeze teases over the tall grass,

Its long slender blades dance in submissive demand.

Silvery-golden sparkles flash as drops begin to fall,

Spilling from clouds drifting languidly above the land.

Yellow daffodils stretch their faces upward,

Anxious to fill their throats of silken thread.

While trees bow gracefully, their leaves upturned,

As they silently tremble in dread.

Clashes of thunder vibrate the air and linger in reverb,

A zealous prelude to mesmerizing dances of light.

All living things -- plant, creature and akin,

Humble to the Higher Power and all His might.

A melody of playing locust wings, entwined with crickets song

Announces the end of the cooling spray.

Butterflies float over meadow flowers; shared with honeybees,

And birds in chorus chime, teasing Nature to come out and play.


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