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When you break it down,there is only three types of comic fans.1:the superhero fan,the superhero is probably the majority of fans.They are the ones who follow the heros and root for the good guys.2:the anti-hero this group of comic book fans like their hero's with a edge and usually follow heros like WOLVERINE,THE PUNISHER,and DEADPOOL.3:the villians,this group is probably the smallest group out of all of them.The villians like the badguys and follow the bad guys around from book to book,thats me I like the villians.The bad guys seem a little more realistic to me,most of the good guys always do the right thing,always have the right answers,and never make mistakes.completely unrealistic.In no particular order I would like to share with you a few of my favorite villians.please feel free to comment. 

The hulk

People forget that the hulk is not a hero.He's a monster.The hulk has to be the only character ever created that has caused as much damage and sowed so much mayhem,and still be considered a superhero.nothing could be further from the truth.The hulk is one of the most dangerous citizens in the marvel universe.the hulk has leveled entire city's many times over,has constantly faced off with the united states army,and he has trounced every so called super hero walking the marvel landscape.The hulk is a very bad boy.I remember one story(the ultimates)where the hulk went on a rampage destroyed new york city,killed eight hundred people! all in one day.So you might think that the hulk is a hero,but he is most definitely a super-villain,one of the baddest around.the hulk has been banished to another dimension by Dr.Strange only to comeback even stronger then he was before he left,the hulk was banished from earth by the Illuminati,Reed Richards,Namor,Iron man,Professor X,only to return and nearly destroy the world.(world war hulk,planet hulk)So the hulk is something serious.Me personally I like the sinister peter David hulk,the hulk that knows that him and Bruce banner are the same person,the hulk that really don't give a damn,the hulk that can speak his mind,and still get angry and level the city.I never really cared for the "HULK IS STRONGEST OF THEM ALL!!!""HULK SMASH!!!"hulk.Can't stand him.Marvel needs to get rid of that hulk for ever.The Hulk Smash Hulk died with Disco.


Did you know that Darth Vader was taken directly from DOCTOR DOOM?Did you know that the force is really Telepathy,and Telekinesis?Another hub for another day.I Victor Von Doom,I feel like that Doom is a untapped character,I see a lot of things that can be done with Doom.Out of all the characters out their Doom is often cast In a stereo typical role of the Bad guy/mad scientist.Doom is a King a ruler of his own country,there are so many things that can be done with Doom.(IF I'm lucky I will be the one who gets to do them.)I don't know the complete history of Doom,but I remember reading something a few years back in this series called universe,that said  Dr.Dooms mother was a witch who sold her soul to mephisto to give Doom the one super power of Unable to Fail.That means Doom is incapable of Failure.whatever he put his mind to it will happen.Doom's ultimate quest is to invade hell and liberate his mothers soul from the hands of Mephisto.What could you do with that back drop if you was plotting the adventures of doom?I like Doom,would love to do A DR.Doom graphic novel one day.(already started on it)


 Out of all the bad guys that have ever been created,Magneto is the one that I understand the most.I know what shapes Magneto.and I know what drives Magneto,I know why Magneto is a villain,and can even relate to Magneto on some level.Magneto grew up in a death camp,seen his friends and family murdered in front of him on a daily basis.Out of all the super villains,Magneto is the only one with a legitimatereason for becoming the way he is.He still has his number on his arm.After growing up in a Nazi death camp,his powers manifest and once again Magneto becomes a target for being a mutant,so this time around he assembles a society of mutants and attacks the human race with no remorse.I feel like out of all the villains Magneto has been developed the fullest(thanks to Chris claremont)Magneto forced the world into recognizing a Mutant nation(GENOSHA)and while Professor X(the leader of the other half of the mutant population)was preaching,Magneto was getting the Job done,By any means necessary.

thanos the mad titan

Thanos.Without a doubt the baddest of the bad.I really can't think of one bad guy that has terrorized for as long as Thanos.Made in the image of Darkseid(one of many Kirby creations)by Comic book legend Jim Starlin,aside from being the inspiration for Thanos,Darkseid and Thanos are completely different.There is only two characters that was inspired by other characters that I can say are really better than the original.Thanos is one.The Hulk(inspired by SOLOMON GRUNDY BORN ON MONDAY DIED ON SUNDAY)is the other one.Thanos is a eternal from Titan,who upon reaching adulthood, was corrupted by the dragon of the moon.(a cosmic celestial dragon who had already wiped out an entire civilization of eternals that lived on Uranus)driven mad by the dragon of the moon Thanos set out to obliterate every single life force in the universe,and actually came close on several occasions.Without a doubt one of the most powerful Eternals to ever exist, put that together with a superhuman intelligence,and a obsession with death,and you get the baddest of the bad and the worse of the worse.Thanos would travel the universe like a cosmic archaeologist searching for cosmic powered artifacts that would make him omnipotent.Artifacts such as the cosmic cube,the soul gems,and the heartof the universe.Thanos has faced off with every one in the marvel universe and still has come out on top.Thanos has defeated,the silver surfer,the hulk,the thing,thor,and even Galactus.Thanos longtime lover and now wife was afraid of him.His girlfriend/wife is DEATH itself.At one point in time Death bestowed absolute immortality upon  Thanos just to keep him out of her realm.when death doesn't want you,you really have issues.After about twenty something years of wreaking havok in the marvel universe Thanos was finally killed by Drax the destroyer (struck from behind,the only way to get the man!)Now Thanos sits beside the love of his life DEATH for all eternity,and you can bet that his story is not over.peace.I'm AUDI 5000.

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jbounds profile image

jbounds 7 years ago

Very visual hub! I've always had that love to hate mentality with villains. Magneto is one of my faves, especially after the Ultimatum craze this year.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 7 years ago from sourcewall Author

yeah maggies awesome,in my opinion magneto's one of the most developed villians in comics.magneto and thanos are my to favorite villians in the comic book universe,doc ock is the best translation of a comic book villian to the big screen I have ever right now doc ock is my favorite movie super villian.

tom hellert profile image

tom hellert 6 years ago from home

Big Magneto fan although catwoman has her appeal also....

bill yon profile image

bill yon 6 years ago from sourcewall Author

Catwoman is one of the sexiest....I might do a hub on her done the road.

ruffridyer 5 years ago from Dayton, ohio

One of the most underated and under used comic villian/hero, would be Owen Reese, the Molecule Man! This guy is the most powerful being in the marval universe. He can literally control and alter matter. The Avengers, Magnetio's Forces, the X-men and Galactus could combine all their forces and Owen could destroy them all, No contest.

bill yon profile image

bill yon 5 years ago from sourcewall Author

Yeah you are right, I had and arguement with a hubber a while back about the molecule man he is without a shadow of a doubt the most powerful being in the marvel universe. He is the Dr. Manhattan before there was a Dr. Manhattan, that is the main reason I think Marvel does not really use Owen Reece he is too powerful and when you break it all down he can do anything.

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