the dream

The waves crash evermore violently against the shore as the storm and the great waters of the oceans swell into a climatic fit as the sky fills with a devilish brew of nature's curse.

The typhoon grows in intensity, as the skies darken the horizon.

Out at sea a yacht and its crew are battling the gale force wind and the rough water of this mysterious storm.

The crew is worried for their fate. One says, "What's happening? Is this the end", as he frantically secures and battens the hatches to keep out the surging waters from swamping the yacht before they can even attempt to survive this life threatening incident...

The skies are getting ever darker as the atmosphere is filling with the ocean's water. The saltwater spray from the gale wind is thick in the air; the deck is soaked in a treacherous mix of seaweed and saltwater making it ever so difficult and dangerous to stay on deck. The bolts of lightening fire up the sky with streaks of charged ions. These powers of nature's vengeance are seeking a target for destruction. As the yacht is bouncing on these enormous waves like a duck in an arcade, the sights of heaven's archers are bearing down on its position. Only time will tell when and if these elements, the forces of nature, will take their toll on the sailors; their lives hang in the balance.

The climate has been changing for years now, with global warming and all; and unexpected storms brew up that never once occurred in such frequency and intensity. Today though, this is not just a storm its much more, its a result of something that was inevitable; but it has been so long in coming that it is now a surprise; it was unexpected today, of all days.

"Why today, when it was just another morning that was like the last; a day that was expected to be one of many until the end..." The yeoman thinks, as he fastens the hatch, his frantic thoughts race through his head like a whorl wind of memories... " Is this the day I die?"

~Flash back in the mind of the sailor; Sitting on the lawn of the family farm, as a kid, playing with Impy, a little beagle puppy, he was just a few weeks old, soft and cuddly. Playing there, not a care in the world, with the sun shinning down, no clouds in the sky, the world was a vague impression of innocuous, but adventurous experiences. The fullness of days were filled with witnessing strange people and events as life proceeded in an endless, arcade like, journey through a labyrinth of experiences amongst a forest of people, the hustle and bustle of the interaction on byways and highways of education and commerce, as a kid you absorb it all. The adults in all these memories were funny creatures, always worrying and anxious about things; like money and what other people where doing, what they were saying, and what they were thinking. They were always guessing at what was happening and how things were going to turn out without discussing and sharing thoughts openly to know just what each other understood was best, true and good; they lied to everyone around them, they even lied to themselves. They taught their kids to lie by their example to be less than civil... They taught them to hide from their feelings and act like sheep in a selfish den of lions that culled out their converts for propagating their diseased mentality of exclusive group memberships of usury. They became slaves to their system society that their ancestors found to take advantage of the less fortunate... Oh, what a tangled web they weaved, that has destroyed the essence of the soul, the pilot of conscience...

~Flash~, the sailor realizes: "Wow, I guess its all the same whether in a catastrophe or a domestic situation we're trained not to look for solutions; but let chaos win, to see what we are told to see without thinking it through for a solution that is real and true and not programed. " What happens to the kid in us that sees life for what it is, an experience that we witness as an opportunity for happiness. When will it be different, better than when you're a kid. Do all kids have the same experience? I guess not, with wars and perverts and killers and such. Where do these creepy people come from? Are all the creepy people from the same family, or are their families related, or is there a creepy gene that has impregnated the human race? Does science, the church, the government have the answer? Why are they letting this craziness persist? Surely, if there was a solution society would seek the repair of their sanity, health and happiness.

~Flash~ another thought of clarity: "Oh no!"; "Society is corrupt and insane; and this is the fault of all the craziness! " I think I got it!; that's why they don't do anything about correcting the trouble, they are the source of it. The whole of society is delusional and thinks that the way they act is normal and right. " How depressing and discouraging for kids that will be dragged down depression lane by a sick society that has no conscience for correcting its own error."

!!!Crash Bang Boom!!! a bolt of lightning hits the ship and blows it away in millions of pieces and the yeoman's thoughts are ever forgotten, sweep away into the ether of space never to be heard; like the dreams we sense of another world as we sleep each night before the dawn of day to forget yet another chance to change our ways...


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loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Paradise7,Chaos without rule lacks the logic and order of peace and harmony and it give me a

Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Ahhh....chaos of the sea...

loua profile image

loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

Larry, Your thoughts are always welcomed, I can count on you to be blunt and obtuse to the end... You see, your example is indicative of what I have stated that it is possible to garner the where with all to be resilient; and it is indicative of human spirit if it is given the opportunity; but why put people in bad situations, how about avoiding the bad situation by making good decisions... If society would lend a hand as they purport to be doing it would not be an issue, by now all ill conceived ideas would have been resolved... All well-wishers would have their way if a mechanism was in place to maintain a positive balanced approach to decision making...

In your second paragraph you reiterate my observation that human behavior was learned; all I am saying is it is incumbent on the leadership of society to educate the masses in evolving their worth, not line their pockets from the efforts of the masses... Besides when have you become an advocate of the masses, I thought you were on the path of selfishness and happy to say so...

The guided missile analogy for seeking truth is needle in the hay stack approach at discovery... How about the preverbal bow around the finger to remind one when one is lying or the dye in the water when some one pees in the pool... Larry the adage is as old as the hills, wrongs do not make rights only more wrongs... How about training people how to behave well by example, by a well behaved government...

Whether or not Nero played the fiddle while Rome burnt establishes no significant truth of worth, you see,to seek truth of a statement only exacerbates the issue if truth is not already defined; fore there is no truth if it can not be defined as the trueness of truth and trust in terms of inclusive selfless civility....

Realization of the keys of quality control will put chaos in the container of logic (inclusive selfless civility) as will the quality control of faith, truth and belief... A simple process of sharing expert information makes the information more relevant... When this information is disseminated with quality control everyone shares a common level playing field, the starting point of positive balanced change....

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maven101 6 years ago from Northern Arizona

loua...Thank you for this vivid and thought-provoking imagery so well described in this challenging prose...

Camus discovered his soul's invincibility while in a Nazi prison. His cell looked down into the courtyard where every day a number of fellow Resistance fighters were executed by the Boche...they were chosen at random... Every day, for 8 months, he waited for his name to be called....Can you imagine the strength of character and stoicism needed to mentally survive that constant stress..?

Not everyone has these qualities for survival, and to judge those that do not measure up to what you define as standards for living the enlightened life is not only elitist but highly presumptuous of others in disagreement with your view of the world...Before looking down your nose at the struggling masses we must understand that all behaviour is caused...It doesn't just appear out of thin idea, an action or activity, or a need, sparks that behaviour...Life will always out, and not always the way we would expect or want...

Getting at the Truth is something akin to a self-correcting guided missle as it veers left, then corrects to the right in a constant focusing until it reaches the target...sometimes we need wrong behaviour to understand what how right behaviour is defined and achieved...Larry

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loua 6 years ago from Elsewhere, visiting Earth ~ the segregated community planet Author

msorensson, Always, I am grateful for your patronage, and kind words of constructive criticism. Thank you...


thevoice, It's a welcomed visit and thanks for the encouragement, its appreciated...


Faybe Bay, Good to have you visit and leave such a vivid observation that rings truth through the story...

Faybe Bay profile image

Faybe Bay 6 years ago from Florida

Such moving photos, the words though... I seek to change the world. I have always feared that as soon as I figured out how, lightning would strike. Funny. Ironic even.

thevoice profile image

thevoice 6 years ago from carthage ill

you are so right great pictures

msorensson profile image

msorensson 6 years ago

It requires a lot of hard work. Manual labor so to speak to get to this point.

Thank you for this hub.

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