the night in light


The night it guides me
to the stars that shine so brightly
sealed in time for all to see
to proud to be unearthly

It stands among us as our hope
seeing visions through its smoke
holding to the path it wrote
displaying solace in the dark.

The lights that lift, grasp our gaze
the stars and moon a stationed stage
to lay, to stay, through life it waits
releasing all our rage.

So look among the glassy screen
through cloudless rain, and moonlit beams
to find the signs where past lives gleam
and follow them into your dreams.

To touch the earth from lights and grace
beauty resting in this place
with illuminating lights that trace
tempting night with glowing lace

Move you eyes across the sky
while watching brilliance in the eyes
of every one of heavens signs
looking back upon you.

This is a about the way the night sky seems to see us. We do not just look at it, it looks back. Telling us all the secrets of the world, with more beauty and accuracy than anyone could ever hope for. We are part of the world, and the universe is part of that world. Our biggest dreams come from hope, and fear, but our faith comes from relevance. The sky holds the answers to all are questions, It's all in how you read the stars.

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