the ripper of jack

catching my killer,.....

The detective who's seen the crime scene before,
Surveyed the carnage, blood spatter and weapon,
the chalk outline left behind by the barely breathing,
the chaos and shattered glass, broken dreams,

The victim on life support,
The witnesses’ witless,
No matter the evidence, no matter the testimony
She’s seen this all before

She knows the culprit, the killer of dreams
Destroyer of smiles, purveyor of doubt
This jack the ripper, rips at jack
Eviscerates like the butcher of infamy

Slicing away hope as if it were a filet
Carving dreams into tiny portions
The frugal butcher of the mind
Austere cutter of the heart

Having no season, no rhyme nor reason
So when least expected, but always suspected
The ripper strikes with sharpened knife
Ground true on her bones to hone

He rips at jack, tears at jack
Knife wielded with great precision
lays her bare with the incision
Till at last there is decision

When jack looks her demon in the face
Covered in jacks blood and tears
Awash in a cologne of jacks fears
Reveling in the foul awful deed done

And the ripper reveals the clever disguise
So that jack, her own detective, might recognize
When investigating her own demise
The killer wore……… loneliness

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