Life & Other Works of Fiction. Part I

A rainy day at the end of summer, it was the first day of the rest of their lives, and many other forgotten clich├ęs.

But simply it was this, their meeting, their first 'Hello'.
That rainy day by the beach, when she lost her umbrella, she found a shelter much more lasting.

He walked along the promenade, immidiatley she caught his eye, that bedraggled beautiful princess, chasing along the beach after her umbrella. Instinctively he offered his own, a gentleman to the core.

And that was how it began, as a gust of wind on a rainy day, taking her umbrella and in return offering: A meeting. A stranger. A chance.

Not love at first sight, as many might say, but an exchange of numbers to retrieve borrowed Items, this is the story that started it all.

A runaway umbrella, brought them together.
That was the tail the grandchildren would know.


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