Will love be enough?

Press play and then begin reading.

Now that you and I seem back on track,
I find myself sometimes looking back,
on that day, at that hour.
When our love almost turned sour.

You said you weren't sure if you wanted me,
whether our life together would make you happy.
I couldn't move or breathe, I couldn't feel
anything but fear, deep and surreal.

My heart it fell a thousand feet,
into an abyss of cold dark heat.
And I began to plan what I would do,
if I had to live my life without you.

I thought of practical, logical things,
like somewhere to live, and splitting up belongings.
All the while a feeling of dread,
rising inside, as though a loved one were dead.

But that evening we talked, and you said your piece.
And I took responsibility for all my misdeeds.
Taking you for granted, taking advantage.
I swore that I'd change, and you said you'd engage.

To tell me your fears and not be estranged.
We talked it all through and each said 'I love you'.
I suppressed the fear in my mind,
and didn't mention the resentment rising inside.

I told myself that all was well,
and on we went, in the love we once fell.
Now six months on, and loves still strong.
But once in a while, I think back to that time...

I feel that fear rise,
so I look deep into your eyes.
And I still see that love, but sometimes I wonder...
Will love be enough?

A Poem by Literature Fairy (c)


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